Would you allow family & friends to tell you how to invest your lottery winnings?


Just for Fun. .

 l Know they don't help you out in your present day to day life, but should you win a sizable jackpot- would you go along with the saying " A meeting of great minds yields favourable results"

  • Such as investment ideas etc etc etc..

** Have a Great Week People- most of all. Stay healthy! 

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it's a New Year * But because of your constant BS- you permanently on blocked you lying sack of liquid crap.

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No, and no again.

Whatever the jackpot amount won would be, would it make sense to take financial advice from non-pros with a lot less money?

Face it, it's really comical when someone hits a jackpot for millions and someone else says, "I know how you could really make some money".


It also makes me wonder when someone says if they won a jackpot they'd go back to college and complete their degree or get a higher one. Huh? Just what degree is going to give them the skills to match what they just won?

The less people you expose yourself to the less people will put the bite on you.

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In response to Coin Toss

some sort of financial expertise, like Austrian economics, tax laws, and well, maybe a topic that has interested you.  id ask WTF they where  talking about? and where did they hear all this nonsense, and do they think id be driving a 10yo sports car if i had just won the lotto?

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In response to noise-gate

I might talk to a financial guy my wife has some investments with, but then again, I would be quite tempted to just stash the cash somewhere safe.

There is a saying that if you don't have something in your possession under your control, you don't really have it.

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In response to rcbbuckeye

There is a saying that if you don't have something in your possession under your control, you don't really have it.

kudos to you Sir

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Are you serious??

I got a boatload of scramblebrains in my family.  Aint no way I'd let them offer me any advice on anything much less let them advise me about how to manage a fortune!

Then again, I could always do the exact opposite of what they recommended... that'd work out just fine! G5

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They can give me their ideas, but my decisions will be just that:  my decisions.

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However, they'll have some of their own money from the winnings and they can decide how to spend or invest that money.

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No I wouldn't let them invest it for me.

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I wouldn't let anyone tell me how to invest my money, but I have some very smart siblings and if they gave me advice on ways to handle it and it sounded good I would probably take the time to look into it.

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Cool Now is the time to look into your future and plan. What will you do with multi-millions ?

 Of course my life will be changed forever.  It is my money and I will do as I please with help from professionals.


In response to zinniagirl

Marvelous response- simply marvelous Z.

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In response to GiveFive


I'm with ttech10; I don't have children, so my main monetary gifts will go to my two nieces and two nephews.  They all have good jobs and the two guys are vested or nearly so in their pension plans, so they're not going to be wanting me to invest in any business schemes.    If I won a huge JP (such as being the sole winner of the MM tonight),  I'd give the four $1.25 million each, staying under the $5.34 million lifetime exclusion and telling them I'd hope they'd use up to a quarter million on whatever they liked, such as paying off their homes or buying one, new cars or education expenses for their children, a vacation fund, etc., then investing the million+ for their own futures.  I expect they'd ask ME for investment advice...and my advice would be for them to seek professional advice.  That's what I plan to do.

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