Thank you for your receptioness

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We know that there is no perfect system,working 100% all of the time.

But there are elements of a system that work most of the time.

In the process when things are'nt working..I may find or may note

or you may noteother factors/options that may assist or lead to a resolution.

Thank you for your receptioness.

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Every system has its flaws,lets examine any benefits;

learn from the flaws.

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It's the nature of the beast: Attempting to predict random events before they occur. Receptiveness is a two way street: In attempting to do what many folks outside of Lottery Post consider impossible: We are both student and teacher: One complementing the other. As a student we are receptive to other LP Members ideas, and as a teacher other LP Members are receptive to our ideas. As a result we all benefit from each other in our quest to solve the riddle: So let's all hear a big shoutout for Receptiveness!

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Cheers I second that!, Nice to see you Raven.

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