System Forum Thread Is Out Of Control

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The "System Forum" thread needs new rules for posting.

I'm as guilty as the others but shouldn't Pick 3 and Pick 4 predictions be in the correct Forum?

The reason some members post in the System forum is because when you post today in either the Pick 3 and Pick 4 forums, one hour later your pushed back a page or two unless your constantly updating your thread.

There are so many posts in the Systems thread by 1 or 2 members here you wonder what System works and what doesn't. 

If your going to post a "System" don't just post it because it hit yesterday or once in 1000 draws.  If it's not profitable then it's not a "System".

What works in 1 state most likely will not work in others. 

I'm as guilty as the rest here.

If on person is constantly posting to the same System thread why not give them their own Forum.

Like to get others input if possible.

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Where ever pick3 players post they they post pages of worthless information over and over, it's what they do.

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Are you referring to blackapple ???  If not who.   Its better be direct than indirect

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In response to Lildarryl

Just for this comment you sould b permanently deleted,banned and sent to Guantanamo bay.

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In response to Lildarryl

Few members not just Blackapple, Lakerben etc.

The posts are not systems their predictions which go in the proper forum.

Systems thread should be deleted and anything relevant to a particular game Pick 3, Pick 4, etc. should be posted in that particular thread.

Besides do you know any system(s) that actually are profitable??

I think we need guidelines on what the difference is between "systems" and "predictions".

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I agree. Post predictions  in proper forum. And leave systems forum to true system authors...

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In response to winsumloosesum


I barely post anymore!  Tsk,tsk.  My "systems" have helped many people and you have even programmed a few of mine.  Wow!


Thinking of...

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In response to winsumloosesum

If their is a concern click on report abuse: State your concern to the LP Webmaster: If the LP Webmaster agrees with your concern: He will take the appropriate action.

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If someone thinks a post is not appropriate for a particular forum, they should report the post using the Report Abuse link on the post.

The thing that people should NOT do is to post topics on the forums complaining about other topics.  Hence, this thread is locked.

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