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Happy New Years 2015 Jackpot Players!

For those who play online for Canada's 6/49 and LottoMax, here are some curious facts that may interest you (tho you likely know many of these already).

6/49 and LottoMax are actually drawn by an umbrella company of the OLG at a separate physical address than the main ball drop draws at Dundas and Yonge Streets (they're drawn at an office up at Eglinton and Yonge Streets).  They are computerized drawings (boo - hiss).  If you want to witness the draws, you must MAKE AN APPOINTMENT in advance, and they allow only 2-3 people to witness the draw at any given time.  I researched these facts out by talking with the OLG on the telephone tho I haven't been to watch a draw.

Interestingly, the OLG has recently instituted a GUARANTEED million dollar win on 6/49 draw EVERY WEEK.  How could they do that in a random game?  That shows its fixed, and its the big boys club deciding who/where gets the winning ticket.  The OLG is putting in a new president this month because of the continuous scandals....

Worse, a 6/49 ticket costs $3.00 for one line; just criminal in a low-population country like Canada.  LottoMax costs $5.00 for a ticket, for which you're only allowed to pick one line of your own numbers and are given two computer-generated quick picks.  We seriously need some .50 cent games here that pay back some.

I've read about Gail Howard's wheeling systems but it seems that if you're going to win using them, you really need excellent software or something else to help pick winning numbers or you'll ruin yourself wheeling these games here.  Anyone have any luck with software out there?

Tx and big luck to all as despite all this, people do win.....

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All 649 draws in Canada are done with ball drop machines. The guarantied Prizes are the only draws that are picked electronically. You can watch the videos of the draws on their web sites eg. ALC OLG.

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Hi Gwoof;  Thanks for mentioning this as it made me re-check.  I'm not sure how I could be so mistaken but I called the OLG again today and here is what they told me.

6/49 and LottoMax are indeed ball drop games that are drawn at Yonge and Dundas streets in Toronto where all the other lottery games are drawn.  You are right; the 6/49 $1 million guaranteed prize apparently is chosen using a random generator that selects a winner from those tickets which have been played.

So, my apologies for the above erroneous information.  I haven't been to watch the ball drops or watch the online videos for a long time so have been believing the wrong thing.  Good luck in 2015! Bash

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