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Hi there,

New to LP and just looking for advice regarding wheeling numbers.  I will be playing a 5/39 and 5/50 and 100 lines or thereabouts but I'm not quite sure how many numbers to use.  For example - is it better to wheel all the numbers or to play in small batches i.e. 11 numbers with 20 lines and I could play 5 sets etc?  Or does it matter?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.


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Unless you have deep pockets, it is always wiser to curb your expenses playing lottery.  There are Pick 5/6 Wheels on LP, under the Systems Tab at the top of the page.  Most people use abbreviated wheels [short form], and play between 10 - 16numbers, on average. 

Pay attention to the type of Wheel.  Example:  A 4/4 Wheel, guarantees at least  1 line of combinations with 4 winning numbers on the sameline, if you have 4 winning numbers in your wheelinggroup, to begin with. 

You need to be a GOLD or PLATINUM member to access the KEY WHEELS and ABBREVIATED WHEELS, and Filtering options.

Standard Members only have access to FULL WHEELS, which most people don't usually use, because they are too expensive, and you can't afford to cover as many numbers.

Upgrade your LP Membership, so that you will have access to all of the tools andresources, available on LP.

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It's pretty straight forward and dependent on your number selection skills.

If you can put 4 or 5 of the winning numbers among 10 that's the way to wheel.

If you can't, playing all the numbers on a loose open cover design is the way to go.

Playing 5 sets of 11 is most likely to result in 5 sets with 1 winning number in each.



Thanks for replies much appreciated and will decide what to do.


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