Is there a tutorial or "cheat sheet" available for LottoMark?


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There is a forum open at LottoMark now to help understand tools and solve any issues.

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John, do you have any specific question about LottoMark tools?

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I do

What does the offset mean, is it how many days?

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For example, offset = 1 (default):

The system starts testing from the last draw on the list and up.

The program generates a table for the last draw on the list then looks for the 1st next draw up in the table and shows it's row, column and other details in the test results. Then moves one up, generates a new table and looks for the 1st next draw in the table etc.

This is how you check draw history anyway. You generate combinations today based on the past draws (in this case the table is generated from only one   draw using -111 rundown) and you check tomorrow if a new draw had any hits in the combinations you created today. This was for offset = 1 (checking very next draw).

If you set offset = 2,  the program will check every 2nd draw ahead (up) from the main one.  Basically it generates the table from today's draw and checks 2 days later if that draw exists in today's table. You may find several better patterns with other offset values than with offset 1.

Note that, the"main draw" is one the table is created from. We have to name them somehow.

If you have offset = 30 that means the program generates a table today and checks a draw 30 days ahead if it had any hit in today's table and does that checking for all supplied draws. Note that the last "main" draw in this example will be 30th one from the top. When it comes to 29th it will just create a new table and no tested draw in the 2nd list exists. That draw will be the next one you're supposed to predict from the table the program created for you. At this point you should have enough information how that offset worked in the past and be able to pick something from the created table.

With higher offset, you start running out of data earlier and results list is shorter, but you can still see that there is nothing special about playing very next draw from the table creation draw (offset1) and other offset values. The only important thing is where these two random events meet together or get synchronized. That is where you see consistent skips or many hits in the same row. Rundown -111 can be any other number like -136 as somebody else mentioned. The most important thing is to make a random table every time using the same rule, if you select -111 you have to use -111 every time for each table creation.

You can see this clearly by yourself if you do a manual test this way: Just go to the last draw in the first list and keep selecting one by one up. You'll see how the draw in the 2nd list is being selected automatically. Lists are the same and there are two lists just for better visual effect.

Obviously all the manual testing from the bottom to top of the list is done in a second with auto test.

There is a formatting opportunity for table combinations available as well: Select some rows or columns from the table you want to paste online or so or a complete table (without header row) and paste it into 3rd list instead of current list3 content then click anywhere on the empty space to get it formatted. Copy/paste wherever you want.

Hopefully this is clear enough for now.

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Very good explanation.  Thumbs Up  Thank you!!!

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Thanks grwurston!

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please check my post on the other thread and answer it there or here. Thanks

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