All or nothing for Ga via Gail Howard

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This game can be won,I just don't play it,but I did take the time out to read up on it so here's what I think..

Gail Howard gave the tips .

  1. Low run 1 to 12 and High is 13-25
  2. Either 7 lows/5highs or 6lows/6highs or 5lows/7high
  3. 5odds/7 even or -6odds/6even or 7odds/5even


I did some backtest for Ga and found that 6odd/6even

is the way I would bet with a mixture of highs and lows,however If I was a Jackpot Player I would pick One set of 12 numbers and run the same set for 56 draw do not change your numbers the game can be won ,but at 4 times a day you have to run one set all the time.good luck please let me know if you guy have any luck

In response to Duchess69

The tip you got is 100% correct and why matching 5, 6, or 7 numbers pays nothing. The reason is there are more combinations matching 5 to 7 high/low and 5 to 7 even/odd. How many 12 or 0 number matches did they have in Georgia last year?

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