MegaMillions is ready to be won again

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Ever notice that certain number patterns occur in the lottery games you play?  There's a pattern that occur in the local Classic Lotto(6/49) game about 2% of the time and in MegaMillions about 2.7% of the time.  Actually 3 or 4 of the winning numbers fit the pattern 50% of the time but on those rare 2-2.7% of the time all the numbers follow this pattern. 

I'm getting a feeling this pattern is ready to repeat in one of the up coming MM drawings and so until MM is won I plan to play 15 lines where all the numbers fit this unique pattern and see what happens.  It takes discipline to play the numbers as they fall because if you come close to winning the temptation is to vary the pattern just a little in spite of what research has shown in past drawings.

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Most of the time you will miss either one or two numbers. Patterns of numbers are not 100% accurate and also depending how they run. Wish you best of luck on your lines.

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Well patterns aside, MM just passed the 75% cumulative probability sales threshold, so you may be onto something regarding its readiness for being hit!

I expect it to be won within the next 6-7 draws and may play if I can scrape together a cup of change. Good luck Wink


My thing is with these so called " patterns". Why is it that a relative few are able to "connect them into a winning combination?" We had a $200 mil Asian jackpot winner from Northern California a few months back who picked his own numbers, l seriously doubt he was following patterns..

 I say: Once the balls start spinning- patterns go out the window...

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I would just like my million before my multi-draw ticket expires in febuary.  Come on big money no whammies!!!!!!!-weshar75

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I Concur. I also have a multi-draw ticket that expires in February. Wouldn't it be nice to win before the ticket expires...Tell you what would be nice if we both had the the winning numbers on Tuesday. 103 million would be nice right about now. It would be a nice way to start out 2015.....matter of fact it would be a nice way to start out the rest of my life.


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RE: 6/49

What happens when the pattern you've come up with does not produce at least one (1) of the nightly winning numbers. This just happened the latter part of 2014. Is it time to modify the strategy ? I mean I try to have discipline but.......??

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It's not unusual for the pattern to be there even when none of the winning numbers are, after all the pattern occurs 2-2.7% of the time even though no combination has ever repeated.  It's kinda like playing combinations that add up to certain sums in the number games, you can have the sum correct and not have anything close to winning number.

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PartyWould be a nice birthday present.

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good luck. Just buying a few tickets myself. 15 lines is too much for me.

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Well patterns will occur but do they occur more than then they should according to statistics?

Are you saying the patterns happen more than they should??

Just as an example-

For a basic Even/Odd pattern you just use 2^N  where N is the number of balls drawn.

So for MMs first 5 balls that would be 2^5 which is 32.  So there would be 32 different even/odd patterns with all evens coming up 1/32 of the time and all odds coming up 1/32 of the time  (For that matter each of the 32 patterns should show up 1/32 of the time).

For arguments sake lets say that you are looking for all evens.  Are you noticing something like all evens showing up more than 1/32 of the time?

Is your pattern showing up more than it statistically should?

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*When I buy 15 lines with all 15 mega numbers, I get a dollar or more back for sure. Wink

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The pattern I'm looking at doesn't consider even or odd numbers and statistically I assume patterns appear as they statistically should unless someone is manipulating the numbers and if that's the case statistics wouldn't matter


It seems now that it's "too hard" to win.  I think the setup is in place for a billion $ jackpot!  I'd love to see that!

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