French Roulette Strategy


Here in my country we have a lottery game called Loto 5 pick 5/36 

and the especial is that the draw is using a French roulette

So my question is , do you have any system or strategy for this kind of game ?

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If they are using a roulette wheel to pick the 5 numbers for the lottery then ask to be an observer when they do a drawing and clock the wheel and ball if you are familiar with visual ballistic type techniques.



Thank you for your answer but the game is showed on tv for the whole country.

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French Roulette has 36 numbers plus a "0" but the roulette wheel Loto 5 uses doesn't have a "0". Playing strategy should be the same as any pick-5 or pick-6 game because the only difference is with the drawing. Interesting drawing, but it  could include more than five separate drawings if the pill landed on the same numbers.


The roulette includes the zero too , and thank you for your answer

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