Paper and Pencil Vs. Software


Many people says that nothing even the most famous lottery software could beat

the traditional paper and pencil in searching a good combination to play and win the lotteries

What do you think about it ?

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Complex workouts become quite tedious without the aid of software.

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I have actually had success using a pen and paper method.


Really ?

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Yes. I studied the previous draws for the game I was playing and made choices based of that.

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The tests that I perform to determine whether a set is valid or not would not be possible with pen and paper. There's simply too much data to analyze.


Randomness is simply too complex to be studied with paper and pen.  Greater minds than mine ( and that means every other human in the world) have tried to find some meaning in random processes.  One needs a computer; the faster, the better.

Paper and pen may work once in awhile when the subject is the lottery and you may even win a few dollars here and there.  Hopefully the win is a life changing event.  If not, you will lose more than you win with paper and pen.  (Hey! That rhythms)

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This may be true with the larger lotteries, Pick 5, Pick 6, and Jackpot.  However, it is NOT necessary to use Software with Pick 3 & Pick 4.  There are Way Too ManyWinning Paper & Pen systems available for Pick 3 [a few for Pick 4], which do work well nationwide [Lotto Laughs systems]. 


XENEIZE:You have posted multiple threads, in multiple forums, all over LP [asking the same type ofquestions].  What have youconcluded, as a result of all of this discussion everywhere?  What PROGRESS have you made ???

Please answer the following questions:

1)  What Argentina lottery did you decide to focus on ?? [6/41, 6/45, 5/36, Pick 3/4, something else ... Which one ??]

2) What type of system did you decide to use ?? [Free LP System, Software, Wheels, some other Paid system, Random Lottery Number Generator, Your own System, Favorite Numbers, ...WHAT SYSTEM ??? ]

3) Have you been Researching lottery systems and lottery knowledge on LP, or somewhere ??

4) What WISDOM have you acquired, as a result of this DISCOVERY process ???


My focus is over pick 6/45 and 6/41 mainly that are the most important games in my country

like for example Quini 6 6/45 and Loto 6/41.


For the moment I would like to use a mix of systems : wheels and software

and a system developed for me years ago.


I´ve been researching in LP and another websites from different countries

and I must say that in the USA , Australia and in the UK are very advanced

in different strategies to play lotteries.


The wisdom is there are so many ways to play lotteries and is a huge

universe and the discovery process will continue.

In response to XENEIZE

Thank you, for responding.  Glad to see that you are making some PROGRESS !!!

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In response to GASMETERGUY

If you're going green, software is the only way.  I say use software and save a tree.


It´s a good point too .


Computer software is just aiding tool to speed and organize your thoughts and ideal.The computer software has no intuition, very critical in prediction.

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