Are my odds BETTER than yours?


By playing the same set of numbers every draw, my odds get better and better with each passing draw.


Had you played 984 straight every day when the Florida lottery started, you'd be waiting 14 years before it hit.

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In response to Jamtastic

You can test that theory by posting your set of numbers on the prediction board.  If your winning improves over time better than anyone else then that will indicate that it's true.

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The magical words..." Over Time". Theoretically, its possible for his numbers to hit- question is, will he be around to see them, or will he have passed beyond the veil at that point?

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By "over time" I didn't mean a life time.  I would think he could prove after only a couple of months if his strategy was any better than any others.

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Who told you that?

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You would think so. But since they're not removing the balls that are drawn that you don't have, your numbers

have the same chance coming out as they did the last draw for each subsequent draw.

Your odds don't get better because you're playing the same set each draw.

You might wait 20 years for your ball numbers to show.

Just hope they show sooner. GL.

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You can do these for poweball or megamil but i would not do it for the daily will lose more than you will win when you hit. Playing the same numbers over and over doesnt mean you have BETTER odds than others mathematically.

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 Well, it doesn't matter if it's the same set or not. But, what matters is the size of the set. In other words, how many numbers you play each time. For example, your odds are better if you play 30 sets for one draw rather than playing one set for 30 draws.

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Seems to me your odds will be better in the first draw with 30 lines versus 1 line, but if you don't win, your odds of winning will be horrible in the following 29 draws.   If you stand it on its head, wait out the 29 draws and then play 30 lines versus the final 1 line play, now your odds are better.  All things being relative and equal and such . . . really no odds improvement, simply a strategy, you decide which is more fun. 


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 Well, your odds of winning are the same on any given draw. So, in this example, it doesn't matter which draw ,1st or 30th, you pick to play your 30 lines.

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lotto draws dont have a memory

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Sorry, you have the same chance of winning, each draw.  It does not increase with the length of time your set of numbers has not been drawn.  The balls o not know that they must appear in a different combination each time. They do not know that they are required to be drawn in your selection.

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In the 3515 drawings of Mass Cash (5/35), my fav combo has never been drawn. I'm sure if you have forever to wait then it's likely they will be drawn. Ain't nobody got time for that.

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there is a page on the web some where, a guy  recorded 10 000 random selections of lotto numbers to the weeks draw for a year and totalled their   presumed gains. used a spread sheet or something.  end result is would have spent more than he would have won. hell i can do that on only 20 lines a week thus losing  a lot less money

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