Defying Luck


Everybody wants to win a big prize and not much people does it

but using different tools the probabilities are increasing for us.

Which methods do you say are the best for every lottery game ?

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take a breather!

you are basically spamming the boards

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I Agree!


I guess you must be a professional player and don´t need any help from no-one

no ?


Useless comments and zero ideas , if I make a question is to try to find answers not jokes.

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Hey dude- no one is making fun of you, you ought to learn a simple fact. If you ASK a question in the forum and people are unclear as to what you getting at or want MORE information on the topic you attempting to discuss " You " XENEIZE need to respond or acknowledge that people are trying to help you get the answers you need.Example: You asked a question about " special numbers" in one of your post, l answered yet l got no response from you as to whether you looked it up,whether it was helpful or not.... yet you jump onto another topic.... see where l am going with this?

Take a look at any of your questions... you have NOT responded to ANY of them- except this one, why? because you seem to think people are mocking you when they not. What you doing is spamming, plain and simple.

We wish you the best.


You´re wrong and I´m not spamming I´m trying to find the best methods to play lotteries

in my country I remember you that I come from Argentina where the lotteries in most cases

are slightly different from USA and you´re wrong too when you say that nobody replies my

questions because some people has replied in many of them.


If you wish to talk about lotteries seriously I have no problem.


What exactly am l wrong about? l wrote about " YOU NOT RESPONDING" to people who posted answers to your questions.We can get through all this- we love you Man!


The odds of winning any large lottery jackpot game is so tiny, there's no effective strategy to winning. Buy a ticket or two and hope for the best; figure on winning a small consolation prize, at most.

Many large jackpot winners are far from pros - they're just extremely lucky. Take a look at past stories of jackpot winners - many are retired, play occasionally, and often didn't play many tickets, nor even choose their numbers - they let the lottery quickpick them. Zero strategy beyond buying a ticket(s) to be in the game.

If you seek reasonable chances of winning without spending a fortune, then focus on lower payout games, such as pick-3 and pick-4, and maybe even pick 5 games, such as those like PA Cash 5 (drawing 5 out of 43 balls). For pick-3, the odds are 1 in 1,000 ... sure the payout is small (typically 500 to 1), but so are the odds. But one can boost the prize amount by wagering more.

For example, if one wagers $20 on a pick-3 number that pays a fixed 500 to 1, that pays $10,000. Or if one does likewise, wagering $20, on a pick-4 number paying a fixed 5,000 to 1 (1 in 10,000), they'd win $100,000. That's a darn good prize, and is 100s or even 1000s of times easier to hit than playing a large jackpot game with astronomical odds.

Also, various number picking strategies, while debatable if any really work, are far more practical on games with a small number of possibilities. For example, with a pick-3, one could use a strategy of only playing numbers whose digits haven't appeared for awhile, and likely get lucky and hit. For a game like Powerball, no strategy, even if it kind of worked, will be sufficient to cover the huge number of possibilities.

And then there's the issue of "value" - most lottery games have an overall payout percentage of around 50%. Instant lottery tickets tend to be around 65%-75%, which is better, but still lousy. In contrast, casinos overall payout is typically 90%+. Point is, a lottery player, wagering on numbers games, is at a ~50% disadvantage right out of the gate.

To digress a bit, are there any casinos near you that offer Blackjack (21)? ... If so, give that a try, since the house advantage, per hand played, is only about 1.5% verses upwards of 50% for the lottery. That's a far better value, and likely be more entertaining too.

Hope this helps, and good luck - that's about all there is to playing the lottery.


Many times is true what you say ...

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The most effective strategy is to match all the numbers in the draw. Lol


There´s nothing funny about it .

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Wrong. I thought it was hilarious...and on point. Unless you know of a way to win without matching all the numbers. But perhaps the humor is lost in translation.

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