How to play with less numbers ?


For example for a pick 6/45 or pick 6/41 which method do you think is the best

to play with only a few numbers ?

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If you're  playing only a few numbers maybe use a wheel with them.


What you could do is use a quick pick option to select your numbers. From there, mark those number on the lotto card and play them....

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 Well, it doesn't really matter since the odds are ,very much, stacked against you. So, no matter the method, it all comes down to luck.

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You have to take a number of factors into consideration such as jackpot and lower tier prizes and select the game with a little edge in your favor based on your style of game play.

For example, if you want to play a cheap 3if6 (16,6,3,6)=5 wheel the game needs to pay a prize for 3 numbers correct.

If there is no 3if6 prize, walk around it and play a cheap 4if6 wheel (12,6,4,6)=6.

In general the smallest game with a prize(s) worth winning is the way to go.


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