Plans for 2015?

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I plan to play less to not a all.
What are your plans?

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Skepticalhaven't decided yet ...... but I doubt it'll change much in the coming year


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Its really quite simple SergeM.

My plans are the SAME as every Lottery players : To WIN either the MM or PB JACKPOT. 


 ** If there are ANY lottery players whose plans differ from mine- please let the Forum Know ASAP.


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Go find Ridge.


I plan on playing the same. Even the same strategy. Didn't work this year, maybe the next year (2015) will have a better outcome. Good Luck to All!

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Skeptical I reckon Ridge will be found when he wants to be found .........

unless hes already been shipped to a body farm

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I plan on playing less but I still want my jackpot.  I would like to hit $1 million or higher like $5 million.-weshar75

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I will focus on Mass Cash and Megabucks Doubler games. PB & MM can take a hike


I plan to play FL Lottery Fantasy 5(Advanced Play) using the same 6 set of numbers until one of the sets hit. The second is to play Cash 3 Lotto using the maximum advanced play option(2 weeks), or $20.00 a day on the same one set on numbers until it hits, which could be $10K total for all 20 tickets worth $500 each..


At least that is what I am hoping for.

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Basically, becoming a norwegian krone millionaire +++.Wink

That's  about 134,400 US$

Main focus will be KENO lottery(not casino KENO) in the next year. It has also been the focus in the last half year.

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I'll definitely be playing way less.  It's been weeks, maybe over a month, since I bought any lottery tickets, and I don't miss it at all.  In California, they're tweaking everything to make it worse for players, so it's not a hard decision to make for me.

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So your contributions towards the PB/MM Jackpots will cease come 2015 Maringoman? l wish you well in your new focus.

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In response to noise-gate

I will participate in the work pool as far as those two are concerned. MM has become too brutal to hunt alone.

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I would like to hit a cash 4 for $5 str8.

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