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Do you have any systems for pick 6 to share with me ?

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You are still asking the same questions, about Pick 6, in multiple differentthreads, in multiple forums.  Have YOU done a Search here on LP in the SystemsForum, for Pick 5/6 lottery systems ???  You CAN use a Pick 5 system for Pick 6.  You just have to modify it, for your Pick 6 lottery game.

You must understand that this is a matter or TRIAL and ERROR, on Your part !!!  No One is going to just give you a system, wheel, or software tip, and you're going to be able to turn around and win Pick 6 tomorrow, next week, or ever, so easily, like you seem to expect.  It does not work like that.  If it was so easy to win Pick 5/6, many people would have done so by now.  Lottery Post would be all about the Pick 5/6/Jackpot lotteries, rather than the smaller lotteries.  But the fact of the matter is, that most of the discussion on LP focuses on the smallerlotteries, Pick 3/4, because they are much easier to win.  There are literally HUNDREDS of lottery systems posted on LP for Pick 3, and a few for Pick 4 as well, over many years. 

You need to do your own RESEARCH on LP, and Search the Systems Forum, going back in time, for whatever you're looking for.  If Argentina has smaller lotteries [Pick 3/4], you should consider playing the smaller lotteries first, win some money, refine your "Lottery Intuition" first, before moving on to the larger lotteries.  You will end up wasting a lot of Time & Money  playing  Pick 6, experience Frustration, chasing a Dream that may never materialize for you. 

You need to have a REALITY CHECK, before you start down this path, fantasizing about Pick 6. 

Pick 6 is much more difficult to Win, than some other smaller lottery games. The Odds are not in your favor.

Try reading: Manifest Your Millions: A lottery Winner shares his Law of AttractionSecrets ! by Eddie Coronado [$9.81 on Amazon]. This book is NOT about choosing numbers to play.  It is about the Universal Law of Attraction.  In a nutshell, this Universal Law states that we can attract prosperity and abundance into our lives, utilizing the power of our conscious and subconscious minds, focused and channeled in the right manner.


You may have to Invest some of your own Money in a Pick 5/6 system, as a matter of Trial & Error, until you find some system that works well in Argentina.  Go to the United States Amazon dot com, and search for Pick 5/6 lottery systems.  Go to Steve Player's lottery website. [A lot of people have mixed feelings about SP, his systems are expensive, but you have to start somewhere, with an idea to leverage off of.].  Purchase Gail Howard's Pick 5/6 Wheeling books, from US Amazon

Most US Websites dealing with the Lottery, will cost you an investment$$$ out of your wallet. LP is one of the few places where you can find FREE information.

If you don't deal in US currency $$, and don't want to use aforeign credit card online for US purchases, because of the currency exchange issues, then YOU are going to have to put some time and effort into doing your OWN SEARCH online here at LP, for FREE systems, rather than expecting someone to give you a Pick 6 system, on a silver platter.

I told you before, to send a PM [Private Message] to Lotto Laughs, requesting the Link to her Thread, where all of her systems [including Pick5 - which can be modified for Pick 6], are listed on one Thread.

You need to take the Conceptual Ideas you find here on LP, for Pick 5/6, and modify these ideas to work for the Argentina lottery.  In other words, you may need to seriously considercreating your OWN Strategic SYSTEM for the Argentina Pick 6 lottery.  If you don't have Time to do this, then you probably shouldn't be playing lottery in the first place, expecting to win something

Make certain whatever you do spend of the Argentina Pick 6 lottery, you can afford to lose.

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Agreed! If you want a system for your lottery why don't you study it and make your own.

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