How did you do in the Lottery in 2014?

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How did you do in the Lottery in 2014?

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Had my biggest payout for an online game ever.....$50 won on NC's All or Nothing game, hope to hit the big 250k in should only cost me about 500k to win it LOL


I m up $46.

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Did okay but nothing statistically significant. Up a bit.

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I'm about even or a little below. Hoping that next year I do a lot better.

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I did okay in pick 3, not so good in Jackpot games.

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Instant games: $1,000 winner

Pick three: no luck

pick four: no luck

jackpot games: no luck


Pick 3: a lil over $1200.00  ( using LP )

PB- $ 50.00 plus.

MM: $ 120.00 in the hole.


** Best decision of the Year?- going Premium without a doubt!!!

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About broke even. I won $1K so that's why. Hopefully I win something big in the next two days and need to update this thread Jester

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fast eddie , How long did that $1,000.00 last you?  Like they say at Wall Street,"Fast cash goes fast". 

  They also say, " Pigs get fat but hogs get slaughtered."  "The trend is your friend". LOL

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I am down about $2500 between vlt's and megabucks.  Also powerball and mega millions.  In the beginning of 2014 I bet big but at the end I was down to just $2 and $3 bets. so come on big money in 2015.-weshar75

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Jackpot Game- $0


pick 5-$0

scatch off-$0

pick 3 - best year ever over $4,500 this have elevated because I was willing  to read and learn from others....

pick 4- although this is a task this will be my main game of 2015 smashing I did learn a lot about this game won about $3,000 or better I will own this game soon......

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well music*, your so right. I like everybody else is hoping for that life changing jackpot until then it's just kicking the ball down the road buying yourself a day, week, month or a year of playing.

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Honey502 gave me winning numbers for Kansas. I played the wrong number that night. She had 012 in the box along with the 103 winning number. I was debating on playing the same numbers for 2 days but I just enough to pay for something else I needed. That night the winning number came out 367 and I had it on my one day ticket.

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After playing in four decades I am still waiting for a ticket that I can take to a claim center (over $600).

In 2015 I'm cutting back on the games I play and when I play them.

Probably do just Mega, The Jack, Classic47, and FF when they are high enough...rather than just playing them as I do now.

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