Ga Fl Nc Oh.. 'The GLOW'

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                          3108* 6743  4431*

                       2581 5002 7193 4103*


                            **LET IT RIDE**

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In response to STORM

Ga Breakdown 1966* 2468

Combo.. 1233 2441 2234* (1234)

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Ga off one number 6743.. Winning num 5374

Fl off one number 7193.. Winning num 1839

Nc mirror number 2581.. Winning num 5518

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Number to watch.. 4168*

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In response to STORM

Thank you for posting pick4 for Ohio.  I really appreciate everything that you do. 
God blessed!!


You rocked Louisiana!!!!!!  Awesome job.  Hurray!

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In response to STORM

Just noticed you one offed her today , storm.     (6186 mid) GA


Cheers Cheers! Here's to one last 2014 eve draw!


Once again you rocked it girl!  Mid and eve hits in Florida!!!!!!!!!!  You got it going on for sure!!  Way to kick off the new year! 

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Whoo, so close tonight!  6222 vs 2252...  Eek

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1468 came in NC today....


Hey storm add me to your list

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Hi Everyone, thanks so much for the love.. I'm trying to Keep both threads alive, if I fall short.. Forgive me. I have a teenager now an she Always has things Going on, 'She Keeps Me On My Toes' Smile Let's win some money This month..


                                  *Go Hard!!*

             Special *0059-0605*

       **1896 2196* 2201* 6622* 5555*

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Thanks storm for all you do here in lp wishing you and yours a bless 2015!!!!!!!!!!! Lovies

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Your 5555 came tonight Storm way to go girl you rock

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I know there have got to be some New Yorkers that are Partytonight!!!

You go girl!!!   

New York
Win 4 EveningMon, Jan 5, 20155-5-5-5

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