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I have done a bit of research on the Euromillions lottery this week because a lot of winners choose to go public even tough they have option to remain anonymous. I can't think of any plusides of going public can you? On there website it says if you choose to go public you will receive support...What kinde of support? How I should invest and deal with the press? I don't have to deal with the press if I remain anonymous it's a bit of a joke if you ask me..It also says a lot of winners who went public twice a year a gathering with all other winners.


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Sorry for my bad English I'm a native Swiss German speaker


I mean it also says that all winners have a gathering twice a year

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My biggest headache would be family and friends knowing I've won. They would know I have a lot of money and that would change the relationship between us. That change is what leaves winners isolated and lovely...

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HI, I am an American Baby Boomer and sometimes my English sentences do not make sense. So, do not be too concerned about your English. The more you practice the better you will become at it.

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It is not worth it. I would still remain anonymous, you can always get independent, professionl, financial and legal advice.

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I Agree!

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The UK Lottery offers winners financial advice, and points them in the right direction to get additional financial and legal advice. It is not conditional on going public, you can always remain anonymous, most do.

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i just wanted to put my vote in  "all the support they can give wont buy what anonymity is worth to you. "


anonymous is the way to go if given the option.


Cheers folks!!  I'll remain anonymous if i hit the jackpot. I was just curious why a lot of the UK winners go public...



Happy new year to all of you may your wishes come true Wink

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Lottery officials want winners to go public because the lottery will get plenty of free television coverage. The lottery officials tell the winners things like they are going to have a "celebration" by popping champagne bottles and they downplay the fact the media will be there. The winner shows up to the "celebration" and they just go with the flow and talk to the press.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

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