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I am in need of some help my excel data. What I would like to do is find out how many times a specific number is followed by a specific number.

Example would be; how many times was the number 5 followed by number 6.



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Here you go:



Excel file contains 4 Tabs at the bottom.

Use the Tabs for CA3D (California Midday Draws), CA3E (California Evening Draws), and CA3C (California Combined Draws)

I'll use the CA3D Tab as the example.  Same applies to the other 2 Tabs CA3E and CA3C

Click the Tab labeled CA3D

Notice there are 2 Toolbars in cell Column B1:B13

Toolbar 1 "Click To Add New Drawing".  Clicking this toolbar will add a new date on Row 20.  Just enter your new Pick 3 draw in cell F20

Toolbar 2 "Click To Delete Last Drawing".  Clicking this toolbar will delete the most current entry on Row 20

In cell X2 you see the number 3091.  This represents the total number of California Midday Pick 3 draws.  I did not include every drawing.  You can adjust the number in cell X2 to whatever you like.  Example, 100, 200, 300, etc.  This number will represent how many drawings to analyze.

In cell H14 notice the number 6.  If you click cell H14 you will notice a drop down arrow to the right.  You can select any number from 0 through 9.  I chose the number 6 since it was the last digit drawn for Position 1 in cell H20.  Notice the selections made in cells K14 and N14

In cell range Q1 through U15 are the Totals based on what you selected in Cells H14, K14, and N14. (6, 3, 2)

Cell range S13 through S15 are the 3 highest total number of Hits.  So for example, in Position 1 the highest totals are 39, 35, and 34. If you go to cell S5 you will see the number 39.  The 39 tells us that the number "3" (cell Q5) has hit a total of 39 times when a 6 is drawn.  The remaining digits would be 8 and 9.  You would look at the remaining Positions 2 and 3 using the same example.

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California Combined Draws

Tab = CA3C

Updated the Midday drawing 9-8-1 by clicking the toolbar "Add New Drawing"

Entered 981 in cell F20


Total Draws Used = 6183  (Cell X3)

Last Draw Midday 12/23/2014 9-8-1

Select 9 cell H14

Select 8 cell K14

Select 1 cell N14

Top Digits - Note: Numbers in parenthesis are the total number of hits

(9) Top 3 Digits Position 1 = 0, 4, 5 (72), (72), (72)

(8) Top 3 Digits Position 2 = 6, 4, 8 (75), (64), (60)

(1) Top 3 Digits Position 3 = 8, 4, 5 (77), (75), (69)


Also updated the CA3D Tab > Add New Drawing > entered 981 in cell F20

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In response to winsumloosesum

Hi win,

Thank you, exactly what I had in mind.

Merry Christmas,


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In response to theo1946

Your welcome!!

These 2 Excel files include all states draws.


I post a video later on how to use the Excel files.

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Thank you Steve.

Merry Christmas


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