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What does this "States Lotteries Report Card" on the site here mean; and what does it say about the lotteries?  Are the numbers tampered with? How are the data arrived at?  Curious...

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Report card

This page is a work-in-progress, and will continue expand in scope and functionality over time.  Although the title is "State Lottery Report Card", this report card includes Canada and United Kingdom lotteries, in addition to the United States.

States (jurisdictions) with a higher proportion of games using traditional lottery ball machines receive higher rankings in this report card than those using computer random number generators.

Lottery Post is a proponent of true lottery drawings using player-visible drawing methods.  Even though states using computers claim that they are auditable and valid, Lottery Post believes the transparency and common sense approach of using mechanical drawing machines provides a more fun and confidence-inspiring experience for the lottery player, and therefore we recommend players seek out those games using real lottery drawing equipment.

If you want to help boost your state's rankings (or keep your state ranked high), we urge you to contact your state Lottery Director and government representatives, and let them know you don't want computerized lottery drawings.


YES SIR what is it all about? Should I not play in Arizona?

Tamper with random computer numbers being generated?


From what I've read so far, the biggest issue with computer random number generators have been programming / configuration errors leading to some numbers being favored over others. Not theoretical - this has already happened more than once. Search the forums here for more details on past incidents.

Computer draws seemingly make rigging a drawing far simpler. And even easier yet, if it's is connected in some way to the numbers file - that is to say, if the random number generator computer knows what numbers have been played, it could be programmed to avoid choosing those with high amounts of wagers.

For example, instead of choosing 7777, the computer could be programmed to fudge it to 7776; only allow a quad combo to come up on demand instead of random. While quads are obvious high wager numbers (no need to consult the numbers file for that), other combos can be high wager numbers on occasion - say a player wagers $200 on any Quinto number straight in PA - that would be a $10 million prize liability. If the computer random number generator has access to the numbers file, it could see that huge wager beforehand, and make sure to choose a number that "misses".


Very interesting

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