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Hi everyone, 

This is my first post on the lotterypost website, I have been reading and researching the forums learning new Ideas on playing the lottery. As well reading some interesting lottery news stories, I enjoy using this site daily and decided to join. While playing the lottery for 2 years, I have been having some wins and many losses, mostly in the fantasy 5 and powerball games. However, I have been having trouble in hitting the play 4 and cash 3 games. I never won anything playing the play 4 or cash 3, many times I've been off by an number whether playing straight only or boxed.

So I have an question for players, especially those who play the Florida play 4 game. What tips and ideas should I use when playing the play 4 and choosing numbers? When playing the pick 4, what strategies or systems do you use to predict what numbers are about to come out next? Also, any tips on how to follow the patterns? 

Thank you for your time in answering my question and good luck to all in playing the lottery.

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Welcome to LP cjcpop2007,

Try this.  On the blue bar click on forums, then click on Pick 3 and Pick 4, then scroll down to Florida and click on it. I'm sure you'll find plenty of help there.

Good  Luck!!!

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Do a search for Lotto Laughs systems in the LotterySystems Forum, or PMLottoLaughs regarding the thread where all of the links to her systems are contained in one thread.

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Triads are the way to go   For  Pick 4...

                             Good Luck

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