What's the latest...?


I haven't read anything lately about New England's Lucky For Life casting a wider net to many more states.  Is this idea still on, or has it faded?  Or, was it a hoax?

The thing is (or, the things are):  I would expect a larger matrix if they were going to open it to more players.  If that was the case, Connecticut would halt/limit the availability of Advance Action tickets at some point to dates within the old/current matrix's lifespan.  And that hasn't happened yet.  Connecticut jackpot games offer the opportunities to play games up to 26 drawings in advance.

So... what's the latest...?


"...going through life with blinders on, it's tough to see..."  Cool 

A day after I originated this post I found answers to my questions right on this board:     [starting Dec. 13]

and at the game page on the state website (although I have to say they haven't publicized the change in Advance Action like I have seen them do it in the past).

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