Three dreams in one night

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Good morning.  Early this morning I had three different dreams the last one was very bad.  The first dream was about my mom and I  in a ghetto area and there we saw a lady girl and her mother standing by a wooden building.  The little girl did not had on any clothes.  I remember her mother telling us that the little girl also refuses to wear clothes at her school.  So I began asking the mother if the school has a.c. or a stand fan because I was thinking the little girl probably does wear clothes because she was heated.  Her mother said that the school has a ceiling fan.  Before  my mom and I were about to leave my mom took out some money to give the little girl but she said she would hold onto the money and give it to her when she comes back to visit them. 


In my second dream, I recalled a lady asking for a deceased guy's voters' card. 

In my third dream, I was on a vacation with my parents when I had gotten a call around 3am.  I was laying on the bed and when I looked on the floor I notice my cell phone was  ringing.  I tried to answer it but the person had already hung up.  After seeing the time I knew something wasn't right.  It was my brother trying to call me.  I also got a missed call from someone name TANYA (her name was in bold letters and a large font size).  My brother then called my mother's phone and she answered.  After speaking my brother, my mother passed the phone to me I was crying because I knew something had happen to my husband.  I was told that my husband was in an accident.  I started crying it was so painful. 

I don't know the meaning from any of these dreams.  Can anyone try to help me to understand?  I am seeing a lot in my sleep but i don't understand what are these dreams telling me.  The worst one was the dream about my husband I am completely shaken .  I being to ask God why I am seeing these dreams because I just don't seem to understand.

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Girl  802  820  481  716  942  824  807

Naked  876 *****992  939  309**  671  774  343  4333

Naked  child  870**


mother  226  782  526  308*****055**086  096  416  615  1164



crying  222  122  127  232  214  356  3641

bed  542***029***678 267  736  537* 295****370***2739

telephone  918***569***130****100  637  1813

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Let me ask you one question…do you have a tendency of premonitions from your dreams?

Don’t go viral with a reply? Keep to yourself.


Praying is a good thing.

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 Tanya  (Normalized)

Method 1:  8-2-7

Method 2:  5-6-2
Method 3:  2-2-9
Method 4:  8-1-8
Method 5:  9-1-1
Method 6:  1-7-1


 Can ya?  (Normalized)

Method 1:  3-0-6-7

Method 2:  3-4-2-4
Method 3:  4-1-2-0
Method 4:  7-0-5-9/7099/7051/7054/2059
Method 5:  3-3-7-6
Method 6:  3-5-1-6

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