Do you play a lottery other than your state lottery?

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Do you play because your state doesn't have a lottery?

Do you travel to another state to buy tickets?

Do you have a subscription to another state or national lottery?

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I play online so I don't even necessarily play lottos in my own country! :)

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In response to myturn




In response to myturn

I live in South Carolina.  I am within 1 hour's drive to the North Carolina border.  Therefore, I play in SC & NC.  However, interestingly enough, I have a betterintuitive feeling for the NC lottery games, rather than my home state of SC.

It's like my Personal Energy Resonates better with the Energy of the State of NorthCarolina.  I have always felt more at home in North Carolina, rather than SouthCarolina

Thus, I always feel Conflicted about whether to choose the easy, convenient option of playing lottery 5 minutes from home at the closest gas station, or driving 1 hour [2 hours round trip] to cross the border, and play in North Carolina, where I  innately feel more tranquility and inner peace, and therefore resonate better with the Energy of  North Carolina and the NC State lottery games

Convenience vs. Resonance.   This is my Dilemma.

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I have online Subscriptions to the NY Lottery, Lotto and Mega Millions. I can view my subscriptions on the lottery's website. All winnings under $600 are credited to my lottery account, which can be used as part payment for renewals or cashed out.


New York's lottery is an example to other state lotteries with it's online service.

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That's weird because NY does offer online services but this is in their rules:

4.Can I purchase a New York Lottery subscription if I live outside New York?

Yes. To purchase a subscription through the Lottery's subscription center, you must access the subscription center from a computer or other electronic device physically located within New York State at the time of purchase.
To purchase a subscription by mail, you must provide a New York State mailing address.

So yes you can purchase an online subscription if you live out of state or country, but you must actually be in New York at the time to make the purchase.

19.Why is the location of my PC verified?

Federal law prohibits the sale of lottery tickets, including subscriptions, across state borders. Prior to any online subscription purchase, the computer IP address is checked to ensure that the purchaser is using a computer physically located within the state of New York. Please be aware that some internet companies serving New York also serve other jurisdictions and some of the IP addresses used are recognized as residing outside New York. This could lead to purchases being rejected until IP databases are corrected. Currently, the use of mobile internet providers, dial up connections and proxy servers are automatically blocked because the user's location cannot be confirmed.

So this is different from Massachusetts where you don't actually have to be in the same state to subscribe.

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I only buy tickets from other states when I actually travel to them. I played the Pennsylvania lottery back in July when I was in Pittsburgh on business. A few years ago, I flew to Boise, Idaho through the Denver airport and bought tickets for the Idaho, Colorado, and my home state, Louisiana lotteries and played them all the same day. Didn't win anything though. I also played the Florida lottery when I had to attend a seminar in Tallahassee. Didn't get any winners there either.

For the states that sell subscriptions only to those in their own state, if someone has the time and is determined enough, they could find a way to circumvent the safeguards the state has in place to keep out of state residents from subscribing. I can think of a few ways to do this, but I don't really think it's worth it unless you really want to play and live in a non-lottery state or want to play specific games not available in your state.

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Used to travel to Missouri to play Powerball before it and Mega Millions were both available in Illinois.


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Nope. Much studying goes into the numbers I play, focusing my attention on anything extra would diminish my results from my hometown lotteries. That is the one I really want to win! Wink

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Look up a member called Losing Jeff. He hasn't posted in a long time but had plenty of info about the Hoosier lottery.

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In response to Coin Toss

I sent him a PM. Looks like he hasn't posted in months. Thanks!!!

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In response to ThatScaryChick

No, it's not weird! I'm an American married to an Australian, we divide our time between the two countries.

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I also subscribe the Massachusetts Lottery's Megabucks Doubler, you don't need a Massachusetts address to subscribe.

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In response to myturn

I sure hope MA lottery is paying you for the marketing campaign you have been doing for them for weeks about out of state players being able to buy season tickets.

Good luck in your Megabucks Doubler subscription

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Yes , I play on line, sometime go on a 5 hour road trip to buy tickets,  have friends + family members purchase them for me, they print all my information on the back of tickets then send them to me in the mail. 

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