Online casino is refusing to pay out a large win

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Playcherry Ltd. is an owner of several online casinos. An online casino aimed at Norwegian gamblers ( which they own is refusing to pay out a large win to a Norwegian gambler. The casino closed her account right after her win and claim the win was an error.

Here's a Google (badly) translated article about the case: Nina Larsen Kvam could not believe their eyes when she won the giant prize at one of their games. Shortly after closing the account and the money disappeared.

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Just adding: "300 million" in the translated webpage is really "300 crowns"(aprox. 42 dollar).

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Another case of  "Play... but dont win"  No No

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Another correction to the translated text:

"30,000 dollars" is really "30,000 crowns", about 4200 dollars.

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