Is it an Error or Did it Really Happeb?

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On Thursday The New York Lottery website posted the following results for it's Take5 drawing:

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December 4, 2014 Take Five Winning Numbers: 01-02-22-32-38 Take Five Drawing - 2 Top Prize Winner(s) of $32,812.50 top prize

Prize LevelNumbers MatchedPrize AmountNo.of Winners
First5 of 5$32,812.502
Winning Counties: BRONX (QP),BRONX (QP),
Retailer Locations:

So, did somebody really get two identical QP's from the retailer and win the jackpot, or is it simply a data processing error on The NY Lottery's website?   Take5 is a 5/39 game.  It's possible for a player to buy a "partial QP", where the player picks from one to four numbers, and the terminal will pick the remaining number(s).  G5

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I noticed this also and wondered what happened.  It seems very unlikely that the computer would choose the same set of numbers at the same time.

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could be the person bought a ticket, then forgot and bought it againoh wait says they're QP's accident  double print i have seen them, and then   clerk forced them to  pay for both?

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It is certainly possible that two lines were identical quick picks. I actually had this happen several years ago. More than likely it is a rare lottery terminal glitch rather than two completely random quick picks being selected. Photo below. Only won a free ticket on the 3rd number set though...

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In response to duckman

Absolutely amazing that it happened to you, and even more amazing that you still have the ticket!

Agreed, it certainly is possible for a random number generator program to duplicate a set of 5 numbers on the same ticket, or even on two separate tickets.  In NY's case Take5 is a 5/39 game, so the odds of it happening are the same as winning the jackpot, which is 575,757 to 1.  G5

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In response to duckman

If that happened on a winning ticket, it probably happens more often on losing tickets but goes unnoticed.

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