Lottery Rigged?


The question that never fades away.  Tell me if I'm the last one to find this out.

I'm a member of NC Lucke Rewards.  As such, I enter the Entry Codes from non winning tickets for a chance at secondary prizes.  Recently, I entered the entry code from a Carolina Cash 5 multi draw ticket that had not been fully played out.  The code was accepted and I didn't win on the future draws.  Thinking I can go ahead and enter the entry codes on recently purchased tickets that have yet to be drawn and see if they're 'winners' before the 'draw' ever takes place.

Any thoughts?

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Coincidence and "rigged" are not the same thing.

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I see what you're think that if you enter the numbers before the draw and it tells you it's a winning

ticket you essentially see into the, I think they're smarter than that. They probably have a void feature

in place where you make the ticket null and void if you enter it before the draw.

OR is what you're saying you'd like to see if you win a second chance prize and not wait until after the draw for the

jp prize.

If there was any chance I'd make my ticket for a future draw void by entering for a second chance draw where I

would most likely win less, I wouldn't take the chance and I'd just wait. It can't be that painful or exhilarating to

wait or see if you won a 2nd chance prize, can it?

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In response to dr65

I Agree!


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In response to Garfield




I'm sorry but I really think it is….  I have noticed some strange numbers, numbers never been out in the last year, funky combinations that don't make any sense.  I hate to say it but I do believe and its sad because I love OHIO Lottery.



O-H-I-O Lottery.

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In response to Garfield

multi draw ticket that had not been fully played out.

Did it lose on any of the draws that were played?

If so, then there's nothing suspicious at all. Every ticket gets one second-chance code. The fact that it was a multi-draw ticket doesn't change anything, because the second-chance code is unique and separate from the base game. You didn't get a second-chance code for every play, correct? Your ticket may list 5 plays, but only one webcode. When you entered the code it likely just checked to see if any of the previous draws were losers, then accepted it as a second-chance entry. Or, possibly, the system doesn't discriminate between winning and losing tickets and simply accepts all webcodes as second-chance entries, regardless of winning status.

It's a little silly to suggest that entering a second-chance code has predictive power for winning an entirely separate base game. That would mean the lottery has to rig literally every drawing. History has shown that rigging even one drawing is rare and near impossible, especially without catching anyone's attention.


Replying to LottoMetro:


Yes, the previous four draws resulted in no winnings.  I've marked my Cash 5 ticket for five draws at a time; this instance had one draw left as I was confused about the date for the last draw of that ticket.  In the past, I've entered the Lucke Rewards Entry Code for winning tickets after the draw and the code was rejected.  I'm out of state at the moment on business; will test my theory at the next opportunity.

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In response to Garfield

Perhaps the computers are just infallible or made a mistake?  In your case I tend to lean to and agree loosely with what lotto metro said, however,

I recently won a match 2 on a pick 5 play that the scanner says is not a winner.  I have double and triple checked.  I have tried it at multiple store terminals and scanners.  I was going to mail in the ticket but that will be half the cost of the ticket.  Not sure what to do at this time.  Probably I will send an email so I can save the postage cost.

However I have not jumped to the conclusion that the scanners are rigged at this point.


In a post I posted last night, I started getting very suspicious with NC Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings when I noticed the lady drawing had the same outfit on for 2 days of draws, come to find out NC may draw the number days in advance.  I don't know if NC still do this, however even if they are doing audit draws this is not good because lets say you have a due number, and the due number comes out in the audit draw.  Got me really re-thinking this NC lottery.

In response to pamelab

"however even if they are doing audit draws this is not good because lets say you have a due number, and the due number comes out in the audit draw."

IMO, "due numbers" are just an arbitrary name players put on digits and/or numbers based on their definition of when they are "due". Look at a statistical chart showing how many times each digit in each digit position appeared over the last 1000 drawings and you'll see that very few of the digits were drawn an equal amount.

For instance, the digit "7" was drawn 60 times less than the digit "5" in the last 1000 N.C. evening pick-3 drawings. The probably is both digits will be drawn 30 times in the next 100 drawings; do you think the digit "7" will be drawn more to catch-up and the digit "5" drawn less?

Wearing the same outfit for two consecutive days does raise an eyebrow.


Yes it done more for me than raise an eyebrow, it made me start digging around to find out at this time multiple draws were held and recorded in the same day.  I don't think its done any more but the audit draw is. I also understand what you are saying about the position numbers because I created a spreadsheet that have all the statistics I could think of.

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In response to pamelab

Interesting...I always wondered if they used those audits/pre draws to avoid already played numbers.  Since none of us can be there, this won't ever be known.

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In response to pamelab

They do audits and pre-tests all the time, it does nothing to affect the game. I mean, the manufacturer who makes the balls and machines, they test them literally hundreds of times. Yet you will never see or know what numbers came up. But suddenly, because the machine/balls is in lottery possession it makes a difference? It doesn't. This is just another "flow of the numbers" argument and it really isn't grounded in logic. All that matters are the numbers in the drawing.

I wear the same outfits for a couple of days too.....cuts down on the amount of laundry and they do not soil easily, especially in a climate controlled office.

In response to LottoMetro

Really? I'd love to see the reaction on your face If you had access to the pre-draw PB numbers and all your numbers were in it for a JP of let's say about 300 million. 

Those dirty clothes of yours need to be washed. Why don't you do some pre-washes and post washes to make sure your washing machine is still in running condition. I recommend 5 pre-washes with just some rags, then wash your actual clothing, then do 5 more post-washes. Bash

Some of you will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get it. NEVER !  Puke

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In response to onlymoney

No surprise you would come along and blast me. There really is nothing to "get," and I think that's what you don't get. I respect your opinion though! Patriot

I can make up a million pre-test results and none of them would predict or influence the next drawing's numbers. I might find patterns in my imaginary numbers, but they wouldn't even taint one inkling of the actual drawing. Like I said, the ball and machine manufacturers run hundreds and hundreds of what you call "pre-tests," more than the lottery will ever perform, but I don't see you railing against them.

I have access to all pre-test drawings for my lottery. The only benefit is determining whether the lottery's equipment is functioning properly. They are useless in pattern tracking, but then again all numbers are. This defies the voodoo opinion here on LP so I won't even bother to get into that. Still, I wish a legitimate college course in statistics was required for lottery players, but then nobody would play Wink

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