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I've been playing the daily games for a little over 2 years now and have had mixed results with success.  On this journey, my main mission was to see if I can play the daily games profitably.  So far, this haven't been the case.  In the beginning I thought it was my system but it wasn't after all.  The biggest reason I think its hard to be profitable at the daily games is because the numbers sometimes aren't there and what I mean by that is that you will experience long periods of times without a hit and I think this is just nature of the game and there is no way around it, even with the best methods.  Having said that, I been contemplating quitting for good but before I close the door on this chapter of my life, yes playing the games I wanted to make one last concerted effort.  The reason being is that I recently modified my program  and with this little tweak, I have seen better results for the first time, I consecutively have had hits at the same frequency for two months, being October and November.  I am prepared to see how December performs with this modification, so I will be posting the predictions that the system provides and if it fails to my expectations.  As of January, I will officially say good-bye to buying lottery tickets.  I don't really want to but to continue despite the results I think isn't in my best interest.  I did this once before, saying that I am done but this time I mean it.  In the late memory of Michael Jackson, THIS IS IT


I am going to continue with today's predictions but I will post, yesterday's results as well, just to give an overall account of the performance.


As of 12/2/14 Midday is concern in the Pick 4

I have nothing for the following:




FL Midday: 12/2

Pick 4 NumbersSum
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The lottery has the edge always. Therefore, it's about cost control. I have learned that you can't play a list of numbers every day and come out ahead. It's best to play 1, 2, or 3 numbers and keep your cost down, so when you do hit, you make a profit, or at least not be so deep in the hole.

Personally I play one draw a day even though my state has four draws a day. There is no way a person can play that many draws and come out ahead.

Good luck.

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With respect to the lottery having the edge, this very well may be true, however I do think players have the capacity to win.  With respect to cost control, I have had that figured out a long time ago.  My issue isn't getting a hit nor being in the hole, my issue is that there always seem to be a drought for an extended period of time, which causes inconsistency and since my mission is to make money consistently, this serves as a chief barrier.  Anyways, thanks for your post and as I said I will continue with this being my last run and if it fails to meet my expectations, then I will gracefully bow out.

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Chrissy16:  What state do you live in and play in ???  Are you posting predictions for All States ???  Maybe you should just focus on mastering your state first.

How do you get through dry spells ??  The objective is generating a decent attainable supplemental monthly income from the lottery. ex. $1000 - $3000 /monthly. How do you have to play, in order to attain this ??? Pick 3 - 4 hits Straight, or 2 hits Straight at $2 each, etc.. Pick 4 - Playing Doubles - 4 hits boxed at $1, or 2 hits boxed at $2 each.  You figure out what is attainable in your state.

You Do Not have to play daily, or even weekly.  Do Not Carry a large group of numbers for an extended period of time.  Choose 1 - 4 numbers, Pick 3/4, that you feel Confident might hit during the month, and play those numbers until they hit, or not, using Progressive Wagering

Don't Give Up Completely !!!  If your current system isn't working well, Change your system !!! Play Less, Spend Less, Tweak a New System for Your State Only, until for figure out a new playing strategy that works just right for you !!! I mean how you play what you play.

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