Cash 3, December 2, Midday game

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Cash 3, December 2, Midday game

Today we have interesting groups. 4,1,5,7 and  0,1,5,7. You can play them separately or melt them together.

The same formula: 4a1, 4a5, 4a7, 1a5, 1a7, 5a7. Fill numbers from 0 to 9 in the middle, all of them, also flip the combinations. You will get 120 tiskets. Here is the tip: make Straight combinations also from identical numbers involved: 4a4, 1a1, 5a5, 7a7. Those do not have to be flipped, they add another 40 tickets. Then make pairs: 41, 45, 47, 15, 17, 57, also flip them, you will get 12 tickets which you have to play each as Front and Back so altogether 24 pairs. Don't forget identical pairs: 44,11,55,77. They do not have to be flipped but played Front and Back as well, so extra 8 pairs, altogether 36. 

The same process applies to second group. For the second group you will have the same amount of tickets, 160 Straight tickets and 36  pairs. If you play both groups, total is 320 Straight tickets and 72 pairs. Your win can be $500 plus $100 when both pairs win. Also, since this two groups are pretty similar, you can hit double win on everything, since you will have repeating tickets, thus winning $1000 plus $200. Good luck.

Most of us will not spend so much money, then just pick tickets from those you built. Best of luck.

For non believers, use numbers not mentioned.

Uluska's avatar - strawberry

 Result : 054. Those who melted groups together, got one Straight hit and 4 pairs hit, so $500+ $200= $700

Each group brought $50 for one pair hit. Those who played both groups separately, got $100 for two pair hit.

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