South Carolina: 12/1 - 12/31/2014


SC Christmas is around the corner and I know we all can use a win! I welcome and encourage all to join and help contribute to this goal. We can do this!!!

Our first winning number for December is 8715 mid, we'll us this number as our guide, and also an SC LP  member Jenwins dreamt of 2704 we’ll us that as well.


8715= 2910-2914-2911-2916-2918-2104-2101-2106-2108-0029-0229-0299

2704= 4657-4651-4652-4658-4659-4571-4572-4578-4579 4465-4665-4655


I will update as I see fit. Now let’s get it! Good Luck!!!Big Grin

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In response to bestresult32

Thanks sis!


You are most welcome SIS!Lovies


Awesome! I wish 2704 shows up!!!!

those pick 3 numbers keep showing up!

In response to Jenwins

Ikr...You have good dreams I follow when you post and give 5 stars each time. You'll get em.


Listed are numbers associated w/ my dreams:

5365 9193 9186 5776 5775 9133 9113 7685 4693 8658 5490 2704
8974 1982 1229 6985 1081 2848 2993 0539 8928 7222 6115 3431 0548

Now let the game begin!!!


Some #s coincide w/ libra Dave #s maybe worth paying close attention.


I have one more information to provide and maybe I'm done flapping my gums for tonight. Lol...I'll be back in a few.


Dr. Miracle's theory 358 and 279, since the 358 is complete w/ the 1583 eve hit, we should look into 279, in addition tomorrow is December 2nd it may work like this:


Goodnight SC sweet dreams.

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1908   5863    1206    1408  Hurray!   2909    2907   1923   9227   9770


That Dr Miracle theory works part of the time!  So, maybe it will work today!

best, I like some of those numbers for today!

cass, I like those numbers for today as well.

the only number I dreamt of last night was 231. 

Have a good day today and let's win!

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7281 4393 6476 1973 1111


Mid was 6794. Yes, I had it boxed! 

So, Dr. miracle 79xx!

thanks, best!

In response to bestresult32

It was on libra's list, too!

In response to Jenwins

I love to hear things like this! Congrats!

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