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Hello LP, community!  Nice to be hear!

I have heard a lot of poster talk about this concept of traveling numbers.  Does this concept actually work?  What are the theories behind it that make it work?  Are traveling numbers the reason behind the "allstates" betting concept?

Who were the original founders of this theory, and who created the original list of "sister states" and who updates it? 

What is the mathematics that would allow travellers to happen?  Do numbers travel systematically with reason or is it just a random guess?

Just pondering a little.


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Traveling numbers is not a "theory", and even if it was, it doesn't matter who created it, or what the mathematics is, behind the concept.  It's a very simpleconcept. Sometimes the same numbers hit [usually in boxed form], in multiple states, nationwide. That's all there is to it.

Who knows who originally created the "Sister States" chart ??  That doesn't really matter either.  That chart needs to be updated, b/c  State lottery patterns change over time.  I would NOT rely on that chart.  You need to figure out which states are "sister" to the state that you play, by observing where your state's numbers are traveling from.  If 123 falls in your state today, check the nationwide list for within 1 - 2 week's time frame, and see if 123 fell in another state prior to falling in your state.  You have to track this type of activity over a period of time, maybe 6 months to 1 year, to really figure out which states are closely aligned with your state, regarding traveling numbers.

Traveling VTRACS works the same way. You would probably have better luck potentially hitting a number, tracking travelingVTRACS.

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Thank you for you reply Destinycreation.

It may be easier to update the chart, if we know who and when, and how the first chart was updated?

If the travelers are only boxed then it seems that it is a lot of work to track for 6 months, to only get a boxed hit.

I would think that it would be more productive to find straight travelers.  Whereby, some math might be necessary.

As for thinking that mathematics does not matter in the concept of traverling numbers or as a whole in the lottery in general, well that is unfortunate.

Perhaps it doesn't matter.  Or perhaps no body knows.  From the lack of participation in the thread, I would say that no body understands the concept, theory, mathematics of traveling number theory.  And since it doesnt matter who the founder is, I would go so far to say it is more or less something that nobody created, but was just thrown out there as disinfo.   Something thrown out there to throw you off the correct path.

So what chart would you rely on?

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135 hit twice as well as 145 yesterday. Are they travelers?

IMO take the math out of the mix. There are 1,000 combos in the pick 3, 220 boxed combos. By the law of

averages and states doing 1 or 2 draws per day...some more than is where your answer lies.

States fall into patterns and behave similar to some others sometimes. Averages is the best way I can

explain it. Do something over and over again and come up with the same or similar result sometimes.

It's not a concept it's a's nothing to guess whether or not it will just does. Is there a parallel

system of how numbers function in some states? Yes. Is it determinable before it happens? Not really unless you

know by tracking what numbers are expected to fall next. That's an awful lot of work. It might be the reason

travelers are identified after they appear consistently - 3 or 4 days in a row - rather than predicted and isolated

before they show. IMO patterning is not math. You feel there aren't enough answers here yet...keep on linking the

two, there will be. Downright arguments for that matter. There are always those who will have a difference of

opinion when it comes to math and chance. I expect some of the names associated with the disagreements that

happen when math and luck and chance and system are used in one paragraph. Just wait, you won't be disappointed.

Founders of the 'theory' are just players who discovered a common occurrence - some numbers from the day before

were showing up the day after and the day after that. Then they dropped off the scope and were replaced with

new ones.

It's up to you to do the work. Find the states that link on a regular basis. Will, by studying, you find your answer?

Yes. Ponder however much you want. Ponder doesn't make money unless you follow up with discover.

GL to you.

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 Well, there's no validity to the concept of numbers traveling between states. But, since there are many states holding multiple drawings ,each day, the chances of the same winning numbers occurring in multiple sates increases. So, if a winning number ,boxed or not, from one state shows up in another it's just a coincidence. Still, you seem to ,already, be set on the idea of traveling numbers.

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