Maryland: 12/1 - 12/31/2014

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Maryland Pick 4 Thread December 2014!

Let's make this a December to remember!


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I am going to pretend it is still November and keep on keeping on with the out 9, 27 sums maybe 4023 3132 2025 1260 2124 2223 and 9495 9396 4869 3789 1899.


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this one makes me nervous...Crazy 


8 1 9 8  Tuesday Dec 17. 2013

8 1 9 8  Tuesday Dec 25. 2012

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In response to DrMiracle

Thanks Dr. M.!!!!!!! Check this out,  this stings a bit.

  Never mind. Third one off, in order, in three days............triple ouchy>>>>>CryingFrankly I am in disbelief.

OK,  Goteki, is correct we are in a doubles storm..........triple storm? it started,  also here is an observation: of the last 22 pulls 20 are repeats from 2014 two from 2013 and they just dropped.   I think we may get more recent repeats from Sept 2014 from the looks of it,  maybe one of the 9 or 27 sums,  I'm definitely throwing in all 9 doubles and 27 doubles.........trips.

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Hi guys,

Though I'm concentrating on the P3 right now, I thought I'd pass along some info on Doubles that you may or may not be aware of.

First off there are 360 boxed double combos.

There are 30 combos of Series doubles. ex. 1123, 4556, 6788.

There are 30 all even, 30 all odd, 30 all low, 30 all high.   Each of the 30 # combos is 8.33% of the 360 Dbls.

Including all 5 of the 30 # combos,

There are 240 combos where the DBL is the lowest or highest digit in the combo. 66.6% of the 360 DBLs.   ex 1126,  4467,  2377,  3588.

(Each of the 30 # combos, has 20 combos where the DBL is the lowest or highest digit.)


Not counting the 30 series #'s,  but including the  All Low, All High,

120 combos have a consecutive pair to the DBL. ex  1126,  3347,  4559,  5568,  4899.  33.3% of the 360.

60 combos  have a consecutive pair not to the DBL.  ex  1134,  3356, 4577,  5699.  16.6% of the 360.  Altogether 50% of the DBLs have a consecutive pair.

Including the AE, AO #'s,

150 combos have no consecutive pairs.  41.6% of the 360.

Best combos to play, DBLs as the lowest or highest digit with a Consecutive pair. Going back to 1/1/2013, Dbls with Cons. pairs hit 66% of the DBL draws in Md. mid and eve. Not a big secret, just an observation if you do a little research and tracking.

Like my signature says, The numbers will tell you what numbers to play.

Good Luck!!!

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In response to grwurston

Great info TY!  Hope things are good over at P3,  you are missed here.

I am going with 1189 1179 3347  3292 3479 3132 3141 3692 8185 9495 4579.

Good luck to us all.


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The one thing I do like about the pick 3 draws is that with there only being three numbers, it creates an odd number draw which is great for high/low bias tracking. The pay out is a different story entirely. That is why I am Pick 4 for life.LOL I use to use your keys to reaffirm the keys I picked, and I had some pretty good hits. Now I have to second guess my keys.BashLOL

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9 showed as 3105.  27 sum has to be close or another 9  3407 likes to short repeat.


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In response to jarasan

You're welcome. Pick 3 is good, been getting some hits. Working on some P4 things too.   Gotta do some more tracking / research to make sure it works before I post anything.

Stop by the P3 thread if you guys want...

Good  Luck!!!

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Gonna give pick 4 another try, no promises, lol

7711 7708 7714 7710 7716

good luck

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Enjoy Your Special Day!!!!

1203 6758 120 310 203 213 123 675 678 758 856 ..good numbers..LOL

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Thank you guys....for the shout out make me feel special ....DanceWhite BounceDrum.I hit the number boxed last night....3047 is my pet...I play it all the birthday is on the 3rd and my children's birthday is on the 7th and 4th.


I played it as 4307 the way it came out on Dec. 2nd....I also played it back today as 4307 because it came out  back to back one year.


                             2/13/2013            3704       8498

                       2/14/2013            0437       4307



I played 312 123 437 and 426 today....anyone that knows me knows I don't like 3 digits...I played 426 yesterday and it came 427.....from my research 437 is a number that hits in Dec. a few times  in that order so I will keep it in for a few weeks.



Have a winning day!!!

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In response to Jazvon

Thanks Jazvon I played 3120 the way it hit in Dec  (sometimes that works...didn't work last night )


and 312 123....I feel like running back out and playing it as

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In response to jarasan

Thank you Jarasan....this is my favorite post on LP....I need to listen and play the numbers you post so I can hit more!!!!

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