Powerball jackpot winner in Washington


Hello Folks,

I'm from in the Seattle, Washington area.

There's 1 Powerball jackpot winner in Washington state, on Saturday's$90 Million Powetball

jackpot, on November 29th.


I am wondering do any of you know where the winning ticket sold in Washington state???

Mostly lottery officials knows by the boarder code on the ticket. And knows where

it was sold at. At what store in what city.


USA Mega hasn't update it on their site.

You think USA Mega would post it on where the winning ticket ws located.

Or do they only annouce that when the jackpot is at around $100 Million???

IF so, why not with $90 Million jackpot????


You think the Washington Lottery would tell USA Mega on the winning ticket location.

Here's my question, why MUSL, Multi-State Lottery, knows???

They're the one that should know, and they're running Powerball.

Which they collects datas from state lotteries before the drawing.


So, I am wondering, any of you know, by access from MUSL,

or state lotteries, where the winning ticekt sold in Washington state???

Anyone knows, before USA Mega and Washington Lottery announces, publicly???


I'm sure that we all have the right to know where is the winning ticket sold.


I'm anxious to know, because I hope it's NOT at my favorite store.

SAFEWAY store.


I won $7 for 3 of 5, but miss the Powerball.

# 13, 24, 42  These are my own numbers


Looks like if I do win Powerball, I would be the 2nd Powerball

jackpot winner in Washington state.


Hope all helps with answers.


Thank you,


SeaTac Airport area

Seattle, WA.

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From the Washington lottery website:

Numbers not official until validated. See below for details on validation.

The Washington's Lottery makes every effort possible to make sure that winning numbers information posted on its website is accurate and available within 24 hours from when winning numbers are drawn. However, in the event of an error the winning numbers and prize amount information in the official records of the Washington's Lottery will stand as the final determination.

�In the case of a discrepancy between these numbers and the official drawing results, the official drawing results will prevail.
�A ticket is not a valid winning ticket until it is presented for payment and meets the Commission's validation requirements.



I'm sure the Washington lottery knows exactly which store sold the winning ticket and at what time the ticket was sold. They have most likely sent representatives over to the retailer to retrieve the surveillance footage.

If or when this information will be released to the public is anyone's guess. The California lottery releases the name and location of the store that sold the winning ticket the very night of the drawing but each state is different.


Hi Folks,

As TODAY, Monday Dec. 1st, I just saw the Washington Lottery website.

Its says on their front page slide show....


One $90 Million Powerball winning ticket sold in Auburn, Washington.

Would somone please inform USA Mega website to post it on the front page???
Like we usually see.

Now we know, but too long to wait.

Now it's NOT at my favorite SAFEWAY store in SeaTac.

But still we don't know where it was sold in Auburn, WA.

Auburn is 25 to 30 miles south from where I live.


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The winner bought two powerball tickets. She claims it was her first time playing Powerball. Yeah right!!!!!!



Where did you hear aout that???

All I heard that the winning ticket was sold at
"Haggen"grocery store in Auburn, Washington.

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In response to ECruz68007

It's on the website. It has their pics, etc.......


The title of the story is "Seattle couple who won $90 million Powerball jackpot while shopping for Thanksgiving groceries plan to quit their jobs and buy a Subaru".

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In response to SammyJoe10

Said they both work at Boeing!

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In response to SammyJoe10

I Agree!


Will someone pass this on to the lottery people. I have not had a job in 20 years, I have 15 kids, I'm 1 million dollars in debt and I have never played the lottery.  But I will be playing today at the store next to Whas_sa_matter_u college at 7:00pm.

In response to SammyJoe10

if she said this was her "first time playing"- what's wrong with that statement Sammy?

Do you think it impossible,if Yes- why Yes?

Furthermore, what does she have to gain by lying to the general public?

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