Classic Greek god's solution to diffucult quandry Deux ex machina

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An improbable solution, artificially introduced to resolve a difficult or untangle the Gordian Knot or perhaps the lottery???


In many ancient Greek dramas, a god show up out of nowhere to cause a miraculous twist at a crucial point in the saga. This divine intrusion was refereed to as theosek ek mechanes in Greek literally god from a machine, because the symbolic figure of the god was lowered down onto th stage by a crane. In modern usage, the term is Latin Deux Ex Machina and refers to a story in which a sudden event unexpectedly bring about a resolution  to a utterly baffling problem, I hope one of the LP members will be the beneficiary of such an intervention with the lottery  MM or Power Ball in the near future......EUREKA!

Why not consider an alternative ancient solution to our modern problem???

Or how about consulting with the Sybilleen Oracle at the Temple of Appolo - historically recorded w/proven accurate @ 69%



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I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!  In the Near future thanks for the the Inspiration..!

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I need to look up something?  Sybileen Oracle

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Hey Marcie, good question,  Sybileen is a derivative of Sybil, there were multi powerful Sybil's @ different locations & spellings over the centuries.

When investigating you will find that this ostensible pagan prophetess symbolic likeness was represented by no less then Michelangelo as one of the greatest Judo-Christian metaphors - "THE Sistine Chapel" @ the Vatican, Rome 

If this an alimony is seemingly incongruous,  so much so that even the POPE would agree to this visualization, to you, et al, -just ask and I will be happy to reveal the rest of this little known story!




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Ok sounds Interesting I would love to know?

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Hi Marcie, et al-

The ostensibly pagan Oracles were included among the Sistine panorama of Hebraic/Christian prophets by Michelangelo because the Renaissance Master wanted to demonstrate the continuity between the Classic powerful female Sybil (who were super stars of antiquity) with the legendary heroic male prophets of the testaments. Michael of Angels also showed his belief that FAITH in a Creator had a long unbroken history, before organized religions, houses of worship, or holy scripture dating back to a young world with man's earliest sacred signs on exhibitions in cave dwellings around the world predating all ancient civilizations.

That was the short form for Mystic forum readers. Marcie

Thanks for your interest & follow up

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Note Bene on Chance & Classics

"Everywhere CHANCE reigns, just cast your line and where you least expect it, there waits a fish in the swirling waters."

_~OVID (Latin)


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