Best Ideas for Lotto Type 5 and Keno System?

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Thinking of new useful systems to build.  Particularly interested in Lotto Type 5 (5 of 40 or so) = Cash5, etc, and also Keno.  What complicated ideas do you all have that you wish someone would build a system for you on?

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NC is 5 of 39. I guess NC doesn't meet the requirements.

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I said "or so", so it is close.  Besides lots of 5 of 40 or 36 or 39's out there, would probably build for all.  So 5 of 39 is included/

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Colorado Cash 5 is a 5/32 game.  When it comes to software, everything has been thought: Odd/even, high/low, sum, etc... I guess the only thing I can think of is a "followers" type of numbers for prediction based on the ENTIRE game. And I don't mean doubles or triples. For example, if #23 is mostly paired with #30, predict three other numbers that will go with this two based on the history of the game? I hope this makes sense?! lol.

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BTW, my Colorado Cash 5 has over 5,500 draws going back to 1989! You can use it to test your software JesterGuitar


I'm interested to know if you could do some kind of program for keno. I've played around with some success using the prior day's draw and using the most frequent hitting pairs of numbers, but I'm intrigued to see if you could come up with a real system.

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produce lines with more than 20 numbers with all winning numbers covered.

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Texas has a 5/37 and a 6/54 that seems hard to a system to. I gave seen other systems that work for most states that don't even come close to Texas. If you want a challenge I believe Texas will give you one IMHO. 

I'm willing to help where you need help  noretty goid with Excel


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Three answers at once:

Adulane62, as for testing something, I would use a program to generate like 100 million future draws to really test something.  To start with, to see if any idea holds any value.  Much easier to do than converting some old data, and less of it.  I would try on real data eventually though, to double test.  As for the "followers" idea, might be useful, if a a semi-long term trend continues, but would seem to be a longer wait for people than just hoping that a short-term trend continues.  People are not that patient, ha.  But a good suggestion, will add it to my list.  Worth a look eventually.

Hans, asking for a bit too much perhaps?  Ok, here, one line.  All numbers 1-80, in sequence.  Meets your requirements, right?

SkyLine69, why does the other software work better for other states versus in Texas, do you think?  What does Texas have differently that they don't attempt to cover?

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I like Mass. cash 5/35. But also would like to see what you can do with 20/80 keno. thanks

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I would love to see a system for Arizona  Fantasy 5,  it is a 41 number game.


Thank you,

Good Karma

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"also would like to see what you can do with 20/80 keno."

I Agree!

Thanks in advance

Fortes Fortuna Juvat


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I predict two sets of 16 numbers and 2 sets of 9-12 numbers for oick5 and pick6.

sometimes one of 4 sets have 5 winning numbers,that makes a match5 for pick6 and a jackpot for match5.

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I wish I knew that answer. As fir the pick 3/4 we went to 4 draws a day. Before that it was pretty easy to win at least once a week or more. The jackpot games have been more of a challenge but I'd like to think I'm zeroing in in them. I have hit the Texas a Two Step twice and made a nice chuck of change from the Mega Millions but not been able to be consistent even though I see a VERY consistent pattern

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