$30 ticket here in IL. no longer being sold but lots of prizes left

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this ticket (30k a week for 30 years) has been out for a bit and says it is no longer being distributed. ok maybe game was bust but being IL. only offers one or two $30 dollar tickets i can't see that being the case but what i do see is lots of large prizes still unclaimed. I know sometimes when a game doesn't sell or too many winners are claimed early they tend to pull a game. But I don't know why they are pulling it but all do know I was playing this game for months and feel they must have made a whole lot of money and paid out very little.  Your thoughts please?


prize amount       total             unpaid

$900                   3,510            3,014

$1,000                9,360             8.042

$10,000               468                397

$46,800,000             2                    2


This isn't first time.  It should not be allowed until they give out most of the prizes.

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Yep... that's a bummer fast eddie.  I saw that too...

They did it with the birthday $5 scratcher recently... never paid out a single jackpot prize and that one ran for for about a year I think.

If it's sales related, then they really need to do a much better job increasing transparency for players, but have little incentive to do it.

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I know the ticket is no longer being distributed but places that have it in stock are still selling the ticket, I saw it in the machine at a retailer that doesn't get much action. From what I was told by another local retailer is that they are suppose to pull the ticket and send back to the lottery. I don't know why this hasn't happened at this other place. Wonder if there are any large winners out and about and if it's worth playing if i can find the ticket around town? My gut says No, stay away.

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My thoughts... who knows?  But I'd go with your gut- run away from that game.

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bought 3 tickets in a row today, first 2 losers last one $30 winner. done for today.

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i lose a lot on 5$ tickets if i lost on a 30$ ticket wow!


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talked to a lottery rep in the store today regarding when the pull a game. she said they pull a game when too many large prizes are claimed early. i said ok i understand that but how come they stop selling games that no large winners have been claimed and she said that was a problem and that's why one of the reasons the lottery contractor was recently fired. she also mentioned that the retailer can choose to order certain games and if they are ordered before the game is no longer be distributed the retailer once the arrive can choose to activate them and sell them or send them back to the lottery office.

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Thanks for sharing this info.  Maybe that explains why I was playing scratch offs earlier in the year but not winning any money.  I was talking to a clerk where I buy tickets and she said the scratch off winners are winning less - or at least it seems that way.  I stopped playing because I would buy several tickets and not one more than a couple of dollars.  Hopefully now that North Star is gone, we can get some winners in the new batches.

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