Care to share some of the ways you have...


..gone about choosing your lotto numbers for either the MM or PB jackpots with some success apart from QP's?

I tried using the numbers from the fortune cookies that the waitress has left behind after eating some slimy Chinese food - got nada.

I guess l kinda felt " inspired" by a lottery winner who in the past 2 years played the numbers she found in a FC and bagged a couple hundred much for hoping that lightning would strike twice.Unhappy


Have a Great rest of the week and upcoming weekend People- most of all, stay Healthy!

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I'd love to give an answer, have tried many ways, but none with any success.

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Numbers she found in a FC?

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FC = This Coin Toss..

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I get a duh on that one.

I've found fortune cookie slips where the stores keep the play slips. I used to play them and then realized that lottery agents plant them there, with numbers guaranteed not to hit!



Sometimes I ask random ppl to give me 6 random numbers between 1 & XX.

First one that gives me JP winning numbers...I'll buy them something nice!

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1 2 3 4 5 6

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here our local games now only let you buy a quick pick for 6 games when you ask for one at the terminal. 

but minimum  the number of games on a ticket you can buy when you mark the numbers off on a  coupon varies from, to 4 games. 
you can see how this varies the cost if you want random, but also the cheapest entry cost.


so i use the keno games draw, and when a number   between 1 and the highest number in the game appears on keno i cross it off a game on my coupon
and then the next game gets the next number and so on. untill i fill all the games i need.

this is how i get a random game done. unless i just say stuff this and stuff lotto for making me pay more for random games than just filling out a coupon and go home  ticketless

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give me some lines with all winning numbers covered.Thats all.I can give you back 10 numbers with more winning numbers covered.

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