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Good morning L P family; It's been awhile since I have posted . I dream that was was working and my nephew, but he in turn turns out to be my brother. My brother has been dead for years. My brother sat down in a chair and took my purse. He hid it around his waist toward the back of him. I call out his name then he took off and ran but I could see him clearly on video camera.  He took some money out of my purse and play my purse on the ground and ran away. I was still calling out his name. Any numbers and meaning of this dream is much appreciated.

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What we carry in the purse?

It’s kind of our secret you know. You will be surprise what woman carry in a purse. We can carry anything from divorce papers, to cheerios from a baby’s snack. Do have a picture of your brother in your purse? Or, something that clearly reminds you of him? I wonder?

So, your brother pulled out the money. Your nephew is the son of your brother perhaps, Is your nephew is having a birthday or celebration?

Thinking of giving?

Maybe cash?

Or, is your nephew having some troubles?
Just thoughts nothing more.

   Nephew  (Normalized)

Method 1:  3-5-8

Method 2:  1-2-1/dates 21 22 23 sum 4
Method 3:  6-3-8
Method 4:  3-1-5
Method 5:  6-6-8
Method 6:  1-6-5

 Money  (Normalized)

Method 1:  3-6-0-5

Method 2:  1-1-3-9
Method 3:  8-4-5-5
Method 4:  2-8-8-1
Method 5:  0-4-4-5
Method 6:  1-1-2-3

other: 023 5540

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9999  990  009

918  9918   0918   9158 

3917  924  916  9168  9169  9163

333  888  999

916, 17,   24,  27,  33,  42,   44,   51,  88,  99

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Play ur brothers name

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Play his Birthday Brother 413 214 0 or 1 for Pick 4

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413 N.C.  Your Brother was trying to bring you some money..I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!

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what is your deceased brother birthday?

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