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I purchased a Lottery Bible at a local party store for this month. I had no clue of this publication! Their p3 predictions are awesome! The MI mid and eve winning numbers are on the list. As I research their 100 number list I discovered more past winners throughout the past week. I think I may keep a current issue around. Maybe Ill buy a Lucky Mojo Bag!! LOL

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Tried googling it but not much came up. What exactly do you get from the Lottery Bible?

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SmileI dont know about Australia. Check your local party stores.

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Would you like a FREE copy of the Original Lottery Bible?

Click and copy  Lottery Bible 

Located in the Systems Forum ...


Would you like many FREE methods to use it?

Read the entire 67 plus pages of the thread. Lottery Bible .


If you would like to contact the publisher for monthly versions,



The publisher offers a monthly subscription service for those desiring 

numbersfor monthly vibrations. These numbers change at the whim of

the publisher each month for constant revenue flow. (That's just business!)


The information posted in the annual publication is EXACTLY the SAME

in each edition,however each annual book offers different monthly

numbers as well as the original Lottery Bible numbers.


If you buy only one edition of the Lottery Bible, you will find that the

information is the same for the mainsection containing the original

Lottery Bible.  There is no reason to ever buy another book, unless

you wish to have the monthly numbers contained within for the

new year. The monthly numbersalways change, the original numbers



Note ~ there are two types of Lottery Bible monthly numbers

offered.  The monthy numbersare not the topic of this thread. They

are available, if you desire, for a fee that the publisher establishes. 


Back to my original statement that the Lottery Bible is over 80 years

and has NOT CHANGED at all.


The original and never changing Lottery Bible is available here for free.

It is available here for paper andpencil workouts as well as for

automated spreadsheet workouts.

(Excel version, compliments of Texas Madman and it is in the thread.)


Please do not ask me how to use the Original Lottery Bible.

I invite you to read the thread. There are methods for everyone. Yes Nod

There are lots of cool graphics tokeep you entertained as well.

~ Harve$t Moon


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Is there a Pick 4 Lottery Bible ???

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In response to destinycreation

The Lottery Bible Pick 3 Log can be used effectively for TRIADS / TRIPLETS in the Pick 4

games. Use 0to9 for the missing digit, or use the coldest / hottest digit, or use the

mirror one of the digits in the TRIAD / TRIPLET, or something like that. Yes Nod

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SmileMI p3 Mid and Eve winners for today are listed in this book, November 2014 issue.

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SmileYesterdays MI Mid 601/Eve 278 both listed in this month LB boxed. Pick up a Dec 2014 issue last night.

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It sounds like you're talking about pamphlet that's been published for years. Is there a grid in the middle of the page with ten rows and columns of numbers with many other numbers outside the grid?

Are the "top 100 picks" hitting straight?

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SmileYep you are right Stack47! A pamplet! I was trying to explain what this was called,a pamplet. It has the winning numbers from November 2013 state wide. The top 100 have been hitting mostly boxed.

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