New Member from New Jersey - Who should I follow?

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Hi All,

Greetings and Hello!

I hope all of you are making money with this service.

Anyone from NJ that can point me in the right direction of who to follow for NJ picks?

I like to play the Pick3 & 4, Cash 5, Pick 6, Powerball and Mega.

Any pro's here? I'd really appreciate it. I have a premium membership, and I am still learning how to use this website.

I have been playing the lottery since I was 17. I never won a thing, and obviously I have been doing something wrong since I keep getting the same results. So, I'm hoping by joining this website and meeting with others here I can improve my chances and finally winning a jackpot. 

Thanks all, and best of luck to you!!!Smile

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Welcome to LP !! Pay attention to Lotto Laughs !!!

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I don't have any recommendations on who you should follow, but welcome to Lottery Post, LottoLuck777! See Ya!

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Yes NodWelcome!! Check all your NJ threads for p3 and p4. Won 9 times since I started reading them in September myself. Lots of good information.

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Welcome to Lottery Post, win big!


Hey follow  flossdog lakerban and onlymoney

drmiracle, cajunwin4, ctny, and brand

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I'd watch the predictions board and keep track of who posts hits on Pick 3 & 4 of your state. Then check out their overall prediction statistics and decide if you're comfortable to use their predictions to play. Welcome and good luck

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Wow! Thanks everybody!!! I appreciate all your welcoming me and your good advice! I look forward to your friendships. I wish you all abundance and luck! Cheers!!!Cheers

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Lotto Laughs sometimes posts numbers for individual states in the Pick 3 Forum.  Look for her threads there.  I don't know if she posts on the Prediction board, or not. Not everyone does that.

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Welcome to the LP  Thumbs Up

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Thanks Ninja

I have a weak spot for new comers. 

I'll create a P3 thread for NJ soon. 

Welcome to the LP family.

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I won my first $28 bucks on NJ Cash 5 using this site! Yippie!!! Hurray!...will re-invest this in some pick 3 and 4's for tomorrow. 

How'd everyone make out today?

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