position pick3 e pick4


Hello, the idea is to use the pick 3 or pic4 but in position by position vertically up from the last draw of the power ball numbers without the bonus
The draw must be in ascending order
You are the study will be treated terminations, the initial digit does not enter
  example =
04 08 19.46 49
08 15 23 45 49
03 23,25,46,52
1st place last digit 3,8,4,2
Apply the best system pick3 or pick4 in each separate position,
  Do the same in other positions,
  Let's assume for the 1st position
  Was expected digits = 4,8,1
  At 1st position just put the initial digit is missing
04,08,01 or 14 18 11 having 3 or 4 numbers per position to choose
  Good for creating wheels for position limits

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