2 people signed back of winning scratch off, what do we do? how do we get it cashed?


me and my wife won $900 on a $3 walking dead ticket, I went in to cash it, and signed it, then realized I couldn't find my id. So, my wife signed it over my signature and now were having a problem getting it cashed. Help

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If you haven't yet, take it to the lottery claim center (both of you). It probably depends on the laws of your state.


lottery HQ refused to cash it because 2 people signed it. Help

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wow...they suspect fraud now. Maybe they are right to do that, maybe not.

What made you have your wife sign it other than not being able to find your license/ID?? Anything?

There are reasons not to honor a ticket that has cross marks or signatures over other signatures or
other corrections made to it. Sometimes people get happy and ahead of themselves and think WAIT!
I've got that pesky payment due to the state or WAIT! I want a piece of this and I'll sign it for you
instead never mind you already signed it, so and so...
OR maybe they took it from someone and made changes to the info filled in to make it theirs.

I think that if you took it to HQ's and they denied redemption, then you might start trying to find another.
This time...get your heads together and decide just WHO will sign it.

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They have a investigator. Ask if you can talk to them.


The bigger the prize, the longer it will take them to you out. The lottery might pay you today, tomorrow, months or even years or never.

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