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Hi all I'm from Florida and have been playing the Florida Lotto and Fantasy 5 for a while now. I have been focusing on Fantasy 5 lately though using my own strategy system. I am curious of how lottery wheels work, can someone explain or send me a link of how it works I know very very little of it.

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this guy who hosts this page  gives everything for free he's also a member of this site.  theres some great info and pre made wheels to suit any situation

over on the left there is a link to some lotto wheels  especially for pick 5you might find that helpful


anyhow good luck in your  search


I was not able to find exactly what I was looking for in that although it does have many resources. I went to the wheeling section and it basically wants you to print out the page and write down the numbers or something like that and use a code for a some software very confusing. I was not able to find an explanation on wheels and how to use them which is what in looking for. Thanks for the reply.

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There are Wheels up at the top of the page, under the SYSTEMS tab.

The concept of a Wheel is simple.  It is a list of all of the possible combinations of a group of numbers. By "All", I mean that sometimes Wheels are "Full" Wheels [meaning All combinations - most expensive], but usually Wheels are "Abbreviated or Balanced" [meaning a Short Wheel, which covers some, but not all, combinations of numbers]. The more combinations, the more expensive $$$ the Wheel.  Most Pick 5/6 wheels give a "guarantee" that if you have a certain number of numbers correct in the group that you're wheeling, you're guaranteed a certain prize level.

For example, in Pick 5/6, "3 if 4" means that if you are wheeling a group of numbers [ex. 12 numbers], and you have 4 numbers correct [winning numbers drawn] in your group of 12 , you are guaranteed a combination with 3 numbers correct [out of 5 numbers per line] on the same line.  ex. 15, 22, 25, XX, XX - This gives you a 3rd prize, which is usually $10.

A 2 of 3 Balanced Power Ball Wheel [from Gail Howard's book] with a group of 15 numbers, produces 7 combinations to play. Obviously, this is an abbreviated wheel. If you have 3 numbers correct in your group of 15, you are guaranteed that at least 1 combination out of 7, will have 2 winning numbers on the sameline. This produces a 4th place prize of $7 ONLY if you also have the PB number correct.

Wheels for Pick 3/4 cover All combinations that could be drawn, for a group of a certain size.

Ex. Pick 3 - Wheel 5 numbers for a no match[singles - not Doubles]:

3     5     7      1     2

A     B     C     D     E

Put the numbers in the Wheel - 10 combinations to play


ABC     ABD     ABE     ACD

ACE     ADE     BCD     BCE



I think I have a better understanding of it now. Can someone recommend some wheels for pick 5? That site has a lot of outdated content so I'm looking for some that members in here use that are reliable.

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Not a wheel, exactly, but my favorite way of combining Pick 5 numbers is lottolaughs Pick 5 Pantry.

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Check out BobP's Lottologix website. There is a wealth of wheel info there.

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There are some good wheels here but also has lots of wheels to choose from.

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Lotto Laughs - What WHEELS would you recommend ???

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I don't understand how to read the table in this link ????

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You can use the search box above on the right.

There are different wheels from positional over balanced to key based.
Use the optimal matching your strategy. If you play a lucky number to win, use the key wheel.

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t=2 equals the guarantee
the 3, 4, 5, 6, etc at top equals the number of balls drawn
the 3, 4, 5, 6, etc going down equals  the amount of numbers you choose.

So say you wanted to play a pick 5 game and choose 10 numbers with a guarantee that 2 numbers could show up on one of your lines you would play this:

C(10,5,2) <=6
Method of construction: simple construction: induced on c(11,6,3) covering

  2  3  5  6  8
  1  2  4  5  7
  1  3  4  6 10
  5  6  7  9 10
  2  4  8  9 10
  1  3  7  8  9

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