Has anyone tried the Pick 6 Leak system?


I know there's a lot of scams out there, so this is why I'm asking if anyone has bought this system, and whether it was good or junk.

It costs a one time charge of $79.95 for access to the software. It supposedly increases your chance of winning second tier prizes by about 10,000 times. The system isn't designed to win the JP, but to make a few grand a month on a regular basis.

Kevin Bailey is his name, and he supposedly worked as a site designer for some state lottery at one time. He noticed a co-worker was analyzing the game and winning a couple of second tier prizes a couple of times  or more a month. Somehow he got the raw data from his co-worker and after the 63rd day of intensive analysis, he found the loophole. Over the next few weeks he tested it on paper and saw that he would've cashed in thousands of dollars.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee, but we know how well those things

If anyone has tried it, please let me know before I go out tonight and purchase a pre-paid Visa Debit card from Walgreens. Green laugh

Either way, I'm going to take that chance and purchase it, just wanted to get some feedback first. I tried searching for reviews online but I only got three reviews which seemed bias, as in some affiliate guy trying to push the product.

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What state do you play and do you post predictions?  If the answer is "yes" and you play in Ohio, I just play your predictions. Wink

I went to his website and was impressed until he said a pick6 player had one of three choices and one was he could continue to play and take his chances at one in over nine billions chances of getting lucky, most pick6 games are 6/49 which have one in fourteen millions chances of winning the jackpots.

Time Life books which I trusted because of their name also has a money back guarantee with their book club which I got hook up with a few years back and when I called them get out they acted like they didn't understand English and continue to send me books and a bill until I talked to someone at the post office and they told me to throw their books back into the mail and ignore their bills before I got rid of them.  Money back guarantees aren't worth the paper they are written on.

I recently discover a secret about the local pick6 game and I have to spent $10 and usually only match three which pays $2 but most times all six winning numbers are in the mix so with a little luck I could do better.

Let everyone know how well that system works and if my system works I might try what Kevin Bailey is doing only I'll be doing it for the money because I'm motivated by it.

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Thanks for the reply.


You may know I don't really play the big games, just p-3, and my signature is geared towards the majority who are searching for a major JP. However, in the past on LP, I've repeatedly said that with a good system, people can win second tier prizes, if they can ever find one, especially in a sea of scam artists.

I play in Florida and only fantasy five, like a QP twice a month just for kicks.

I will let everyone know how good it is. It can take up to a week or more for a hit, so we'll see. 

I spend about 12 bucks on beer or vodka everyday, so spending 85 bucks doesn't bother me. It's an investment, and I'm hoping I won't have to ask for a refund. If i don't get my money back, oh well. I would never know whether this system could've changed my life for the better financially If i don't take the risk. Life is full of risks.


I think when Kevin wrote 9 Billion, he may have meant all the games in the world put together, but who knows. I don't think that would even equal 9


Well I got it and I'm kind of disappointed. He doesn't supply what numbers to play, only a wheeling system that generates the numbers you put in. 

All the wheels guarantee that if 4 numbers are correct, the special wheel will maximize the wins.

The generator for 8 numbers (the smallest wheel) will give 7 lines to play.

The generator for 19 numbers (the biggest wheel) will give 60 lines to play.


Now I'll have to find a way to get the best numbers for the Florida Lotto game. Green laugh


Hopefully his wheels are better than the ones I've already seen. Steve Player had a unique wheeling system where the wheel chart had three sections. The guarantee was that If you had at least two numbers correct in each section, you were guaranteed the JP.

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OnlyMoney - You are a Lottery System Collector, aren't you ???


I guess I spoke too soon. I apparently missed a link at the top of the page which takes me to another page on how to pick the best numbers. It's a lengthy manual that starts out with the an extensive layout of the historical aspects of the lottery, and then a detailed menu of many strategies to use. 

In addition, there are many charts that show most numbers hit by MM and PB, with even more analysis info to help pick the best numbers. It's quite a long read. I'm going to have to dedicate a half a day to read all that stuff.

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Not really. I used to be about 12 years or so ago, but stopped spending money and finding my own ways. Before this purchase I've spent 10 bucks last month on a p-3 system, and before that maybe a few years for another p-3 system.That's about it for the last 12 or so years.


I think I may use the Pyramid system that I use for the p-3.


The Florida Lotto has a matrix of 53 numbers and plays on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Below is tomorrow's date for the Wednesday in the pyramid. So maybe some of the numbers to pick for a 11 number wheel which costs 20 bucks will show up tomorrow, hopefully all of them. Green laugh

Possible combos to play, first pyramid on left:1-8-12-14-15-16-24-26-29-39-44

Hopefully the 3rd tier prize (4 out of 6) of about 60 to 70 bucks will help fund this until I get a 2nd tier win. Even multiples of 4th tier prizes of about 5 bucks each can help fund the next drawing. Every dollar counts in the budget.

           8         0   
         62       64   
        1539     9740  
       012445   098755 
      19112014 19112014
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MM and PB don't have the history that local pick5 and pick6 games.  For example Ohio's RC5 has over 3500 drawings since its last matrix change and Ohio's Classic Lotto has more than 1200.  I know some players say what happened in past drawings can't predict future results but I do believe history repeats its self eventually and the more you know about the past the better.

The kind of money he talked about winning at his website you going need to match5 quite often which is going to be hard to do wheeling a few numbers with wheel based on having four of the winning numbers.

Good luck.


There is no such thing as a proven winning lottery systems, just as the same people claim they have a roulette system. You cant win when it comes to random. You win because you get lucky. That's it.

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I'll try it for 4 weeks and see what happens.

History surely repeats itself in Florida p-3, why not anything else? lol 

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Tell that to Peter St. Pierre who plays in New Hampshire. He's averaged around 70 grand a year gross, for over 6 years now, mostly on the p-4 and some p-3..

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Is it a coincidence that Peter St. Pierre and "Steve Player" is in the same state?

Perhaps it's the same person, or St. Pierre is the person running the "Steve Player" company.

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I've already explained many times over about the improbability of Steve and Pierre, same person making so much profit selling systems that could allow losses in the millions of dollars in losing bets just to show erroneous proof of wins when one ticket finally wins. The cost would outweigh the gain. 

That approach would be financial suicide, so that old theory didn't work then, and especially now. Been there, done that.

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