My VIRUS{s} are gone...still want to play DASH for Cash??

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I would love to play so...if any of you would like to continue to play...we can start over...someone else can start the thread and it will be theirs...but I will play if any of you want to play again...


now...a much less action game to play is every player who wants to play could play 5-10 numbers per week only...and see how everyone does playing in a much smaller pool....I dont live in a lottery state but I think most players want a VERY SMALL GROUP of numbers to play...that makes for a smaller investment on their part that way if they miss it doesnt hurt so bad....and if they hit...its nice to be able to hit with a smaller group of numbers..


COME ON...someone start a thread to play a game..I will play for sure...TERRY

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What's the budget again  ???


I want   South Carolina for 3 draws day/night $1 straight



How much  do I minus $12 from

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In response to lotterybraker


Don't you think it would be a great idea to have a Pick 3/Pick 4 Thread Topic (sort of along the same lines as Maddog's Mega Millions Challenge) with specific rules and regulations to follow ??

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I think I just volunteered the LP Administration to be so kind as to provide us with this proposal.

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Doesnt matter to me what game we play pic 3 or pic 4 or a combination of both...everyone that wants to play can help make the rules...that way it is everyones game......good luck everyone!!!!!

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