PowerBall Excel Files - Hit & Skips Tracking

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I created these 2 Excel files (2007, 2010, and 2013 versions) for Skips and Hits for the PowerBall Game

Here are the download links:


Save both Excel files to a new folder. You can name the folder anything you want.

Open the Excel file PowerBall.xlsm. You can add a new game by just clicking the Add New Draw Toolbar. Add new drawing in cell E20 through J20. All draws will appear on line 20. Date is automatically updated.

Open the 2nd Excel file NumbersSkip<snip>s.xlsm. There are 2 worksheet tabs at the bottom. Once for the white balls 1 through 59 and a second worksheet for just the PowerBall number 1 through 35.

The Hits and Skips are calculated using all the draw history so you can adjust the number of past draws by entering the draw in cell

The Matrix changed after January 15, 2012 to a 5/59 1/35 game so you can enter 296 in cell B2 or either the worksheets.

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In response to winsumloosesum


What a treasure you are for the LP Community, Winsum! Thanks for all you do.

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In response to Tialuvslotto

I agree. I was thinking about creating a Powerball wb. You saved me some work, many thanks.

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Updated the 2 Excel files and uploaded to box at 5:20 pm Monday evening.

Use the same links in OP.

I added a 3/4 11 number 10 Sets Wheel $20 @ $2 a ticket.

The Bonus Ball you will need to add to your tickets.

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