P3> Prediction for doubles


Ideal> Wind's  Double Trap

Concept> Prediction points by recurrence

Wage  Span> 6 draws


















NB> Ideal of prediction points has been discussed extensively in all my threads

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Span>6 draws










When you get the chance can your provide numbers for SC? Thanks in advance

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New York please

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Ideal> Wind's  Double Trap

So, are we waiting until doubles have been out for a certain number of games?  Or just plunge in and play these?

Concept> Prediction points by recurrence

Again, unclear on the concept...are we looking for recently played doubles?

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My understanding of the ' double' trap, is you start waging doubles after 6 to 7 consecutive singles. The 6 to7 rule is just a guide, so I will consider and count a double draw within that range as single, the trap has a short span, normally 3 to 4 draws for a hit.

Concept of recurrence> Is the behavior of any chosen parameter(sums, digits, mean, standard deviation etc)

to establish prediction points  by sampling different size of data, recurrence is the changing identities of a

parameter at  different periods(consider the parameter as a unit), the digit 2 is not different from 3 in substance.


Plz can you do New York? Thanks you

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Thanks for the elaboration, but I'm a little slow... Crazy

What parameter are we examining here?

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Florida please

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TX morning

Texas (TX) Pick 3 Morning Lottery Results

 Draw Date  Results 
Mon, Nov 17, 20147-9-4, Sum It Up: 20?Prize Payouts
Sat, Nov 15, 20147-3-0, Sum It Up: 10?Prize Payouts
Fri, Nov 14, 20146-5-3, Sum It Up: 14?Prize Payouts
Thu, Nov 13, 20148-2-8, Sum It Up: 18?Prize Payouts
Wed, Nov 12, 20147-9-9, Sum It Up: 25?Prize Payouts
Tue, Nov 11, 20145-8-1, Sum It Up: 14?Prize Payouts
Mon, Nov 10, 20144-2-6, Sum It Up: 12?Prize Payouts
Sat, Nov 8, 20141-7-1, Sum It Up: 9?Prize Payouts
Fri, Nov 7, 20141-1-3, Sum It Up: 5?Prize Payouts
Thu, Nov 6, 20142-9-9, Sum It Up: 20?Prize Payouts
Wed, Nov 5, 20143-5-2, Sum It Up: 10?Prize Payouts
Tue, Nov 4, 20149-0-3, Sum It Up: 12?Prize Payouts
Mon, Nov 3, 20146-0-8, Sum It Up: 14?Prize Payouts
Sat, Nov 1, 20141-3-8, Sum It Up: 12?Prize Payouts
Fri, Oct 31, 20140-4-8, Sum It Up: 12?Prize Payouts
Thu, Oct 30, 20147-2-5, Sum It Up: 14?Prize Payouts
Wed, Oct 29, 20143-0-1, Sum It Up: 4?Prize Payouts
Tue, Oct 28, 20148-0-7, Sum It Up: 15?Prize Payouts
Mon, Oct 27, 20140-4-2, Sum It Up: 6?Prize Payouts
Sat, Oct 25, 20147-4-7, Sum It Up: 18?Prize Payouts
Fri, Oct 24, 20144-3-2, Sum It Up: 9?Prize Payouts
Thu, Oct 23, 20149-0-7, Sum It Up: 16?Prize Payouts
Wed, Oct 22, 20144-0-9, Sum It Up: 13?Prize Payouts
Tue, Oct 21, 20140-8-2, Sum It Up: 10?Prize Payouts
Mon, Oct 20, 20147-7-0, Sum It Up: 14?Prize Payouts
Sat, Oct 18, 20144-2-3, Sum It Up: 9?Prize Payouts
Fri, Oct 17, 20143-8-0, Sum It Up: 11?Prize Payouts
Thu, Oct 16, 20144-6-8, Sum It Up: 18?Prize Payouts
Wed, Oct 15, 20149-6-9, Sum It Up: 24?Prize Payouts
Tue, Oct 14, 20143-8-1, Sum It Up: 12?Prize Payouts
Mon, Oct 13, 20144-1-1, Sum It Up: 6?Prize Payouts
Sat, Oct 11, 20147-4-0, Sum It Up: 11?Prize Payouts
Fri, Oct 10, 20141-7-5, Sum It Up: 13?Prize Payouts
Thu, Oct 9, 20142-4-6, Sum It Up: 12?Prize Payouts
Wed, Oct 8, 20141-6-6, Sum It Up: 13?Prize Payouts
Tue, Oct 7, 20148-2-7, Sum It Up: 17?Prize Payouts
Mon, Oct 6, 20143-6-0, Sum It Up: 9?Prize Payouts
Sat, Oct 4, 20147-7-1, Sum It Up: 15?Prize Payouts
Fri, Oct 3, 20143-7-3, Sum It Up: 13?Prize Payouts
Thu, Oct 2, 20144-2-1, Sum It Up: 7?Prize Payou


I am going to use digit range  for predictions points to explain recurrence(changing identities of digits)

current set         next set          pairs                    hit

421                   781                78-71-81               771, 827, 175

373                   801                80-81-01             381,380

771                  058                 05-08-58             380,082

360                  871                87-81-71                827,381,175

NB> after just four sets your trend is clear

827                 085                 08-05-85               380,082

166                874                 87-84-74                 740,468

246                874                 87-84-74                740-468

175               107                  10-17-07                740,770

740              078                  07-08-78                  380

Infer> every current set assume different identity based on this recurrent concept chart.

Digit range         prediction points

0-3                     8,1,9

4-6                    7,4,6

7-9                   0,5,2

Use this chart to trigger your doubles after 6-7 singles skips.


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Already posted

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SC> 881-887-889-880-882-885-888-886-771-777-779-770-772-775-778

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@ the New Players/ Beginners 

Wait until a consecutive shows itself. 01. 12. 23. 34 etc

Wait until a dead number have showed itself at least once.

Dead numbers have a tendency to clone itself on the next draw.

Ex. 11x. 22x. 33x. 44x

Good Luck and enjoy your Pick 3 Journey!!

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