Rise of the machines?

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Strange day yesterday.

First at the post office the Automatic Postal Center wasn't working right. I was going to check how much postage a letter needed but when I pressed "Mail a letter or package" nothing happened.

Then I looked on the bottom and it said Espanol, but the options were all in English. So then I hit Espanol to see if that would work, and the options were all in Spanish.

Never did straighten itself out so I left.

Then the lotto........went to the customer service counter at a grocery, played a Pick3, OK, then played a Lucky Day (5/39) on a filled out playslip. $1, Evening draw, no EZ Match. The clerk runs the ticket, I get two lines of numbers.....

8   12   31   34   42
8   23   31   36   42.

Neither was a QP, only one board was filled out on the playslip.

Kind of strange, especially since the first, third, and fifth numbers were the same.

Of course, the numbers weren't even close to the drawing.

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Skeptical weird .....

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Weird, I also had a strange day yesterday. Went to buy some Super Lotto Plus tickets on one of those self service machines, put in the money and scanned my play slip. The machine stood there processing for a good while. Eventually there was a message on the screen that said something about no longer accepting online purchases Confused and if I wanted to continue or get a refund. I pushed refund and it printed a refund ticket. When I went to the cashier to get my refund she was having issues trying to cash another person's winning scratcher.


My Garmin GPS is messing with me. It tries hard not to charge in my car charger. 

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