Strange man dream

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I dreamed that I was at my old apartment complex( building 800 apt 201) everything had changed and there was a  emergency vehicle with a big e on it moving from parking space to parking space. I went to visit my mom in my old unit and the door was really slender  and the stairs leading to had been replaced with a slide to exit and a ladder to enter. I  sat on a  long balcony with other people and a tall black man asked if I remember him. I did but I couldn't remember his name. He offered me a green lip balm saying he didn't want me to walk around with dry lips. I used it and thanked him. I asked why he was still living there and he said he was moving on but it would always be home. What numbers are associated with this dream?

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Green  632***720***952***503

Stair  435****634  360  205****

Ladder  167  116**248  841  157  763  963  1195

slide  516  367  285  188***284 

Strange man  I52  119****

Black man  211  957  859****

Man  490  ******369  652   711 0*****508   456 

door  368  701****253**412  186***567***7144

E    225  079****700****

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In response to moneytalks

8201    2018

911       9118  9111

126/X    1226

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