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Hello, we compare the globe that spins the numbers for a lottery, the spin of a galaxy with black hole (black hole are we going to get if you can not find the path of stones ahhh !!) the problem is to find the center, to create certain numbers gather more, and sometimes move away from the center, (the fixed reference or pivot)
Sometimes certain numbers gather more and sometimes these same numbers deviate more like a cycle around the center

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I like the way you think Dr. San! I agree, there's definitely universal law involved with lottery numbers. Smile

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Frankieh Ok, the point is to find a reference or not to pivot around in circles
Sometimes in certain sectors of the lottery headquarters, joins more numbers, sometimes away from this sector if we could find the genetic DNA of each draw
Because certain numbers match more times with certain numbers at certain positions.

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Dr San, on a deep level, i understand what you mean. :)


Hello, there are certain positional numbers within coordinates within a matrix that tends to attract certain numbers to the detriment of others (happen more often than others) the edge of the matrix. perhaps by having a position of highest probability within the matrix

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Wow!  I can actually visualize this -- a cloud of numbers swirling around a pivot, similar to water swirling around a plug hole.  Which numbers will get sucked into the current draw and which ones will stay in the cloud?

Where's Kola when you need him?


Hello, tialu  the numbers that can be fixed (pivots) strategically spread back and back to focus, is how to find a vein of gold or precious stones in motion inside the globe for the lottery draw, the Galaxy has aspire, perhaps way the lottery would discover aspire (full tracts)


Frankl and aunt, good Hello, if I share a lottery, eg 49/6
  In the top half on bottom 50/50 and 50/50 left and right side
How could interact or coalesce 4 pair groups aforma 4 lines
  When combine vanish ???

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